Odor Control

Action Compaction Equipment only sells odor control units that break down odor causing molecules rather than just masking the odors leaving them in the air.
How it works:

  • All natural, non-perfumed formulation
  • Absorbs and bio-degrades odorous compounds in the air
  • All models have adjustable output levels
  • Safer & more flexible than traditional odor control techniques
  • Is designed and tested to exist in inhabited areas

Mini Mist Vaporizer System

Eliminates a wide variety of odor problems in commercial waste compactor and trash bin storage areas.

A fully featured single nozzle odor control system designed to neutralizer odor in:

  • Trash Compactors
  • Multi Story Garbage Chutes
  • Large Public Restrooms
  • Air Handling Systems
  • Building Ventilation Systems

Mini Mist Vaporizor literature

Flexi and Mega Fog Systems

Mega Fog:

A custom designed fogging system used for:

  • Garbage Transfer & Recycling Facilities
  • Landfills
  • Sewage and Industrial Waste Water Plants
  • Composting Facilities
  • Petrochemical Refineries

Mega Fog literature

Flexi Fog:

A self install fogging system kit used to control odors in:

  • Sewage Tanks and Process Equipment
  • Pig Housing, Poultry Barns, and Cattle Paddocks
  • Farm Manure
  • Abattoirs & Rendering Facilities

Flexi Fog Literature

Sonozaire Odor Neutralizer

Ozone Generator

How it works:

  • Produces ozone electronically from oxygen in the air
  • Oxidizes odor molecules and reduces them
  • Controls and destroys organic odor
  • All models have adjustable outpul levels

Ozone is hard-plumbed to the compactor, which must be enclosed for compliance with OSHA and EPA limits.

Different sizes available

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