Vertical Compactors

Vertical and Apartment compactors are designed for compaction of general trash. If your business is using front load containers and have multiple pickups per week, daily pickups or multiple front load containers or have an apartment complex that generates 12 cu yds (uncompacted trash) per day then you should consider the addition of a Vertical or Apartment trash compactor.

Vertical and Apartment compactors help reduce labor costs and disposal fees by reducing the number of pick-ups by collection services. Vertical and Apartment compactors also help control pests, odor problems and scavenging.

All of Action Compaction’s Vertical and Apartment compactors meet ANSI and OSHA standards. They are UL listed,  and are engineered to last.

VIP 3, VIP 4, VIP 6, VIP 8, Untouchable VIP 2.5, Mini-mac 3, Mini-mac 3A, Mini-mac 5, Mini-mac 5A Marathon Equipment Company
VCP-2.5, VCP-4, VCP-6, VCP-8, TP-33, TP-33HD, TP-33SP PTR Baler & Compactor

Vertical compactors are designed to replace front load trash containers and give the user the opportunity to reduce the number of weekly or daily pickups. Apartment compactors are designed to be used in apartment complexes of all sizes and can be fed from the ground or from a trash chute.

Action Compaction stocks parts for most models or can get them within 1 day. Our service department is on call and can typically provide “same day” service. Action will also be happy to visit your location and discuss what Vertical or Apartment compactor setup will work best for your company’s needs.