Industrial Balers



Available in a variety of sizes to suit your recycling needs. Bales cardboard, paper, plastics, rags, cans, and many other recyclable materials.


  • 22 models of vertical balers to meet your recycling needs
  • Producing bales weighing from 100 to 1,800 pounds
  • Bales are compacted to a high density
  • Bales cardboard, plastics, PET bottles, aluminum cans and siding
  • Every model is easy to operate, efficient, durable and has low maintenance costs




Horizontal balers are available in many sizes and are generally categorized as a Manual Tie or an Auto Tie. When selecting the right Horizontal Baler, you should consider your material volume, needed throughput, type and sizes of material being processed, site space and labor.
We know equipment and can help you select the right baler for your application.


A Closed Door, Manual Tie Baler will save you labor and produce export weight bales.
Industry applications include: Distribution and Warehousing, Manufacturing, Low to mid volume Scrap metal, Post Consumer Recycling and Municipal Recycling.

A Baler like the Maren ProPak offers you superior force ratings for a manual tie baler to get you the best return, requires less labor for processing and will easily reach your shipping weights for export.
Features like the largest hopper opening in its class, very durable design and heavy duty construction, the highest ram face pressure and smart bale technology make it a best value choice.

Contact us to discuss your application – We are here to provide you with the technical and practical information you need to get the job done right. We don’t just sell equipment, we install and service all types. We are a GSA approved vendor.


When selecting or upgrading to Auto-Tie Balers, it all comes down to throughput and labor savings.
Industry applications for Open End, Auto Tie balers include: Distribution and Warehousing, Printing, Secure Document Destruction and medium to high volume Fiber Accounts.

With several machine sizes, horse powers and throughput speed options available, please contact us to review the details. We will offer you a complete turn-key quotation and provide all the technical information you need to make the best decision for your application.


A Two-Ram, Auto Tie Baler offers you the most flexibility in material processing, high volume throughput and produces export weight bales. Industry applications include: Post Consumer Recycling, Scrap Metal, Manufacturing, Municipal Recycling, and Material Recovery Facilities / Sorting Systems.

Two Ram Balers are available in a wide variety of sizes and horsepower /throughput options. Contact us to discuss your application in detail, and we will recommend the best baler for the job at hand.

We offer Waste Management Consulting and Recycling Equipment Consulting. As noted above, we don’t just sell equipment, we service all types and offer have a planned maintenance program.
We also do complete Sorting Systems and are a GSA approved Vendor.

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