A Look at the Different Types of Garbage Trucks

The very first “garbage trucks” ever used by humans were likely little more than just small carts that were utilized to carry away waste that people didn’t want anymore. But over the years, garbage trucks have evolved, and at the moment, there are several different types of garbage trucks that are employed to haul away trash. Here are a few of the kinds of garbage trucks that are used today.

Front Loader Garbage Trucks

These types of garbage trucks are typically used to service commercial and industrial companies that have dumpsters filled with trash that need to be emptied on a regular basis. The trucks have hydraulically controlled forks near the front of them that are designed to pick up these dumpsters and empty them into the truck, where it is then compacted before eventually being disposed of in a landfill or recycling facility.

Rear Loader Garbage Trucks

These types of garbage trucks are most often used in residential areas where garbagemen are used to collect trash from garbage cans located near the curb. They have a large opening in the rear of the vehicle where bags of trash can be thrown and then compacted. They are also used for commercial purposes at times depending on the needs of specific companies.

Side Loader Garbage Trucks

These types of trucks are becoming more popular by the day as they only require a single operator and rely on an automatic robotic arm to pick up trash from residential locations. They can service up to 1,500 homes per day and reduce the manpower needed to collect trash pick-ups.

Roll Off Garbage Trucks

These types of garbage trucks are often used by construction and demolition companies that are in need of roll off containers on their job sites. The containers can be dropped off, filled over time, and then hauled away once they are full. Action Compaction Equipment stocks a number of different types of garbage trucks and can provide you with trucks that will fit your needs. Call us at 801-565-1033 to learn more about the garbage trucks we have and what they can do for you.]]>