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Here’s Why Commercial Properties Should Compact Trash

Do you own a commercial property? Do you work at one? Commercial properties can include office buildings, medical centers, hotels, malls, retail stores, warehouses, and more.  Make Your Company Greener Action Compaction Equipment recommends commercial properties compact their trash. Compactors help make properties cleaner and more productive. If and when the issue of being “greener”… Read more »

Save Your Business Money By Reducing Waste With the Right Equipment

Having the right management equipment in place can help businesses reduce waste, and, in the end, save money.  When businesses take steps to reduce the amount of waste they produce, they’re going to save money on supplies while also conserving natural resources and energy. Companies would be wise to figure out their current waste disposal… Read more »

What is Meant by Industrial Waste?

Industrial waste can be solid, semi-solid, liquid or gaseous unwanted/residual materials from industrial operations. Think about all the factories and industrial complexes around the world– every day they’re producing tons of industrial waste that has to go somewhere, right? The thing about industrial waste is that it’s not something people want in their backyards, obviously…. Read more »