What Are the Latest Waste Management Trends?

Large Green Community Recycling Bins - Containers in Parking Lot

What are some of the latest waste management trends? Entities such as governments, manufacturers and recyclers are cooperating with one another and coordinating efforts to deal with trash in an efficient way. Furthermore, cutting-edge technology is being utilized to best handle the ever-increasing need for smart waste management.

Data Infusion

Computers are being used to separate waste from recycled materials. Robots, for instance, can sort waste! Compactors can be operated via GPS. And data is being collected in order to meet sustainability and energy goals.

Infrastructure Initiatives

Composting infrastructure is growing, aided by new laws in place that require food businesses to recycle wasted food. More and more organics will be diverted away from landfills thanks to initiatives concerning food waste.

Repurposing Plastics

As for plastics, expect to see plastic waste made into a high-quality resin rather than a gas-emitting prime resin. This will mean less greenhouse gas will be in the atmosphere because of this change. Furthermore, researchers continue to seek out ways to convert waste into energy. Thankfully, it’s trendy with governments to promote waste-to-energy efforts– they’re using tax benefits and financial incentives. In some areas, expect to see a ban on plastics such that you will no longer be able to easily get plastic bags or plastic bottles in an effort to cut down on waste.

Digital Becomes the Norm

Have you noticed how you sign fewer papers these days? There has definitely been a shift from using old-fashioned paper to transferring important documents to “digital only” so less paper is wasted.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Finally, expect to see packaging to continue to change into recyclable forms so it’s not all ending up in a crowded landfill.

Waste Management Consultants in Salt Lake City

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