How to Deal With Odorous Commercial Dumpsters

Smelly green dumpster with construction waste in the yard of a multi-story building

You don’t want to be a bad neighbor. You don’t want your Salt Lake City neighbors complaining to anybody and everybody that your business stinks. Therefore, deal with your stinky dumpsters. Don’t just let them ruin your company’s image as the stinky smells waft over to neighboring houses or businesses.

Why Some Commercial Dumpsters Have Extra Foul Smelling Odors

Why do some commercial dumpsters end up smelling so bad? It’s usually because they’ve got decomposing matter which may or may not then attract smelly animals like rats and their droppings. So what can you do about this problem?

How to Combat Odorous Dumpsters

Ideally, before you dump your garbage in a dumpster, seal it up nice and tight. Bagged stuff doesn’t easily let the odor out. Use strong bags that won’t rip easily. Bag as much garbage as you can.

If you always keep your dumpster closed you might be allowing it to hold moisture in there which then attracts microorganisms that want to live inside. Then it can stink. Sometimes you’ve got to empty the dumpster and leave the cover(s) off for a day or two to let it air out. The drier the interior of a dumpster the better.

Do you regularly dump food? Animals love dumped food. If possible, try composting food waste rather than throwing it into a dumpster. If composting isn’t an easy option, bag up the food and ask for more frequent visits to get the dumpster emptied often. Also, consider having the dumpster cleaned somewhat regularly. A good pressure washing can get rid of lingering gunk and microorganisms that might smell bad.

Did you know there are products to deodorize dumpsters? You might want to call Action Compaction Equipment to find out more about dumpster deodorizing options such as odor control systems; The number is 801-565-1033.

Be a good neighbor– eliminate odors from your dumpster(s)!