Waste Management Tips for Small Businesses

Small business using a trash compactor

Are you currently running a small business? If you’re like most small business owners or managers then you’re looking for ways to cut costs and save money. One way to accomplish this is by taking better care of your waste management set-up… so here are some helpful tips to do that!

Waste Audits

First, consider conducting a waste audit, which is where you figure out the amount and type(s) of waste your business generates on a regular basis. You could do this on your own or hire a professional service to take care of the details. Basically, it’s good to do a “litmus test” of where you’re at– how is what you’re doing working– or not? Are you wasting time, money and energy? An audit helps determine what’s going on and what improvements or changes could be made.

Finding Ways to Reduce Waste

Next, look for ways to reduce the amount of waste you’re producing… perhaps invest in recycling options and/or compactors. There’s also the idea of composting as well as asking employees to bring their own cups/water bottles to work and reusing them to cut down on waste. Many businesses try going paperless, too, to cut down on the amount of wasted paper. Digitizing records is an alternative to keeping paper logs.

Review Your Agreements and Find Pieces to Donate

Thirdly, if you have a contract with a waste removal service, why not review it? Perhaps some cost-saving adjustments could be made, especially if it has been years since negotiations were done.

Finally, clean out your place and donate things you no longer use or need. Instead of just “throwing them away” invite people to come and take them away for their use. This works well with functional equipment like chairs, desks and electronic equipment.

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