Here’s Why Commercial Properties Should Compact Trash

Do you own a commercial property? Do you work at one? Commercial properties can include office buildings, medical centers, hotels, malls, retail stores, warehouses, and more. 

Trash Compactors

Make Your Company Greener

Action Compaction Equipment recommends commercial properties compact their trash. Compactors help make properties cleaner and more productive. If and when the issue of being “greener” and “better for the environment” comes up, trash compacting makes sense! Also, why dedicate a lot of space to your trash when you could be better utilizing that space for other purposes? 

Open Up Space

Compactors can be used to help recycle cardboard from shipping and packaging. They can also compact trash so it takes up less physical space. And compacting can help reduce or eliminate odors, too, so there’s that benefit. 

Compressing waste reduces its volume. This way, a dumpster can hold a lot more trash. Less volume equals lower waste disposal costs so there’s a reduction in overall costs in order to get rid of the trash a commercial property generates. Think of it this way: a commercial property owner pays a company $1200 a week to empty out overflowing dumpsters three times a week… but after compaction equipment is introduced on the scene, the cost reduces to $800 a week for only two “emptying out” visits. In no time, a compactor pays for itself– and then some! 

Less Messes

Compacting helps reduce messes, making for cleaner dumpster areas that don’t attract as many pests. Compactors can also help businesses and offices achieve their recycling goals in a convenient, efficient and easy way. 

Action Compaction Equipment has affordable used equipment for sale, here. You can also check out the GSA-approved products catalog, here.

For more info, please call Action Compaction Equipment of Salt Lake City, Utah, at 801-565-1033 or use the online contact form, here.

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