Reasons to Shred Important Business Documents

Shredding Business DocumentsIf you’re in business, you know that there’s a lot of paperwork involved, even in the age of electronic mail and cloud computing. People still like to have a paper receipt to prove they bought something. They also receive bills with sensitive information on them, like their social security number, home address and phone number(s). What can a business do with paperwork they no longer need or want? Furthermore, what can a business do with paperwork that has information on it that no one else should ever see? Action Compaction Equipment recommends utilizing an industrial-strength shredder to shred important business documents. Why shred documents? First, you shred them to protect your customers from things like identity theft. If their sensitive information was to get in the wrong hands, their information could essentially be stolen and used in a way that would cause them many problems. For instance, if you collect a stack of papers with people’s credit card numbers on them, and you don’t shred them and someone finds them in the garbage what’s to say they wouldn’t try using those numbers to buy all sorts of things? It’s not just customers who need protection– it’s employees, too. Basically, there are all sorts of documents that should be shredded, including voided checks, old pay stubs, and health records. Shredding is a smart thing to do and it ends up saving space. Rather than have piles and piles of old papers taking up space in your office, shredding them helps ultimately get rid of them so they’re not taking up otherwise valuable space that could be better utilized for something else. Action Compaction Equipment sells rugged, all-steel constructed heavy duty shredders. With their whisper quiet operation and powerful motor they can quickly and conveniently shred papers as well as paper clips and staples. Action Compaction also sells conveyor fed cross-cut shredders. Call 801-565-1033 to order your shredder today.  ]]>