The Importance of Trash Compactors at Rental Properties

Waste Management Compactors by Action Compaction Equipment

Do you own some rental properties? Property rental management companies or individuals who own rental properties can benefit from having trash compactors on-site. There are several important reasons why trash compactors make a positive difference for rental properties.

Renters Create an Inordinate Amount of Trash

Tenants will create trash and that trash has to go somewhere, right? How can you, a property owner who is renting properties to tenants, help your tenants dispose of trash in an effective way? Rather than letting dumpsters fill up quickly and overflow, which not only looks bad but also attracts vermin, you should consider trash compactors on-site.

Trash Compactors Prevent Trash Overflow

By compacting trash, you can stop dumpster overflows. You’ll also require fewer pickups, which helps save money. As for safety and liability risks, when you have a trash compactor at your rental property or properties, know that compactors have safety features that prevent access to the inside– unlike dirty, dangerous dumpsters!

Trash Compactors Keep Rodents Away

Who wants rats and other pests around? No one! Compactors tightly compact garbage and make it much harder for both insects and animals to access, let alone nibble on!

And Keep Your Property Looking Better

Do people like living among trashy parking lots and trashy lawns? Ideally, no. If you want to make the community look nice, a compactor serves its purpose by eliminating “flying trash.” And, if you’re concerned about the looks of a compactor on-site, keep in mind there are compactors available for every space and type of building. You can have a very basic one, or a very fancy, upscale looking one.

Plus, They Can Help Your Bottom Line

Finally, you can have more than one compactor at your rental property or properties, and use each for a specific purpose such as one for trash and the other for recyclable materials. Then you can sell your recycled materials and make some money.

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