How to Avoid Waste from Causing a Stench

Odorous TrashAfter we throw out the trash, we tend to forget about the potential stench it can create. If left untouched, the stench can grow and become an irritant for you and your coworkers. So, to make sure your waste doesn’t leave a stench, you might want to invest in an odor control system from Action Compaction. One of the many systems we offer is Piian System. This odor control system is all natural and eliminates odor through absorption and bio-degrading odorous compounds. There are numerous models of this system, but all of them offer adjustable output levels, so depending on how bad the stench is, you can put the system at the appropriate setting to handle it. Another great odor control system is the Mini Mist Vaporizer System, which works well in a variety of areas, including trash compactors, large public restrooms, and building ventilation systems. Therefore, if controlling the odor is a tall task, then this system might be the right one for the job. If you work in a place where different odors are a common occupational hazard, then a fogging system might be more of what you’re looking for. Our Flexi and Mega Fog Systems work great recycling facilities, landfills and sewage and industrial waste plants. These systems will simply fog out the odor and push it out instead of breaking it down like the previously mentioned systems. Now if you are looking a system that will not only eliminate the odor but control it as well, then the Sonozaire Odor Neutralizer might be just what you need. This system oxidizes odor molecules and the reduces them, leading to a control of organic odor in the area. Much like the Piian Systems, the Sonozaire Odor Neutralizer also has an adjustable output level so you can control its daily operation. In addition to odor control systems, Action Compaction also offers industrial trash compactors, balers, and shredders to help your company control their waste. For more information on our products, feel free to call us today at 801-565-1033!]]>