A Beginner’s Guide to Trash Compactors

Do you want to reduce the amount of waste your company creates and cut down on the space that your waste takes up inside of your business? You can do it with an industrial trash compactor designed to compact your waste and minimize it. Here are some of the things you need to know about using trash compactors used in a commercial or industrial setting.

An Overview of Trash Compactors

From the outside, most trash compactors look a lot like large dumpsters. However, in reality, they are much more useful than dumpsters and will help you handle your waste more efficiently. Trash compactors are capable of taking large amounts of garbage and crushing them down into smaller pieces through the use of a metal ram. These pieces can then be taken and placed into trash compactor bags that can be picked up by your preferred waste management company. By compacting waste, you can cut down on the labor costs associated with dealing with it and confine it to a smaller space.

How They Work

One of the best parts about having a trash compactor in your business is that they’re easy to use. All you need to do is throw your waste into the compactors like normal. Larger pieces of garbage should stay in the center of the compactors, if possible. Then, once your compactors are about half filled, you can turn them on and let them get to work. They will use their metal rams to crush everything inside the compactors before breaking them down into tinier pieces.

What You Can Place Into Them

There are all kinds of items that you can place into an industrial trash compactor. From scrap metal to cardboard to plastic, a trash compactor can handle almost anything. You should do your best to keep glass and anything containing chemicals out of compactors, and you should also consider keeping food waste out as well since it can create foul smells. But other than that, you can place most other items into a trash compactor and break them down. If you’re interested in adding a trash compactor to your commercial or industrial company, Action Compaction Equipment can show you some of your options. Call us at 801-565-1033 today to check out the compactors we can provide for you.    ]]>