The Benefits of Industrial Trash Compactors

Industrial Trash CompactorsAs an industrialized society, we utilize technology to enable mass production. This, in turn, supports a large population. More and more people are added to the planet daily, and as of 2016, it’s estimated that there are 7.4 billion people in the world today– an all-time high. That number will increase in the next hundred years, and one thing’s for sure: all those people make a whole lot of trash. Where can we put it all? If you work in a business that makes things, you know that trash is inevitable. The question, then, becomes this: What can be done to somehow reduce the waste so it’s not as costly in the long run? Industrial trash compactors, like the ones Action Compaction Equipment sells, help reduce the size and scope of a company’s trash through compaction. For example, 16 cubic yards of loose trash can be compacted into 4 cubic yard when put into a handy industrial trash compactor. This not only saves space, but also helps eliminate many problems often associated with overflowing dumpsters. Compaction not only means trash takes up less space on a company’s property, but also helps reduce collection costs. Meanwhile, the compacting process eliminates the problem of windblown trash. By making trash less loose and less messy, your insect and rodent problems are reduced. Compacted trash also discourages scavengers and thieves while preventing unauthorized access to your trash. Do you want to save labor costs? Do you want more inside storage space and more outside parking spaces available? A heavy duty industrial trash compactor from Action Compaction Equipment is worth the investment. It will make your waste processing routines become streamlined, less costly, and, ideally, more efficient. See examples of industrial trash compactors here: and/or call 801-565-1033 to discuss your compactor needs today.]]>