Benefits of an Office Shredder

Benefits of an Office ShredderIt’s no secret if you work in an office it more than likely has trash and other things that need to be disposed of on a daily basis. One effective way to get rid of it all would be a shredder. Now the idea of a shredder may sound silly when you could just throw everything out in the dumpster outside the building, but there are numerous upsides to having one. All shredders we offer here at Action Compaction Equipment operate very quietly, so no one in the office will be disturbed while waste is disposed of. The Heavy Duty Office Shredders are durable and are able to shred objects such as paper clips, heavy-duty staples and Acco fasteners as easily as paper so just in case someone doesn’t take them off and is looking to dispose of documents quickly, the shredder won’t break down.

Types of Shredders

Considering the digital age we live in, companies may need to dispose of high profile documents on things such as floppy discs, credit cards, CD’s, VHS tapes. So for that something like our Conveyor Fed-Cross Cut Shredders would get the job done.Benefits of an Office Shredder Now for something even more specific like making sure you’re pharmacy stays in compliance to HIPAA standards, a RX Shredder would be ideal. It is designed for pharmacies and will dispose of smaller plastic containers, (4.25” Wide x 3” Deep or 3” Diameter x 5” Tall) pressure sensitive labels and other sensitive materials. Now a machine like this that is able to destroy what it does may seem like it will be huge, but its small design will take up less space than many office machines. With all of this information, picking the right shredder may seem like a tall task, but let Action Compaction Equipment help you decide. They currently sell all three of the previously mentioned shredders, so for more information on them and our other services, contact us today!   [msh_feedburner]  ]]>