The Benefits of Office Shredders

Office ShreddersWhy shred documents and other items like credit cards, compact discs and pill bottles? If you work in an office, you’re bound to be around paperwork and other items with information on them that you don’t want others to see, access, or read. Many times people share private information on paper, and when they’re done with it, they crumple it up and throw it in the wastebasket. If it’s not shredded, what happens if one of the office cleaners sees key information that they leak to the press or use for their own monetary gain? Privacy matters now more than ever. Document shredding should be done in order to destroy information on paper in the best way possible so it can’t be stolen and/or used against someone later on down the line. Action Compaction Equipment sells helpful heavy duty office shredders. With “whisper quiet operation” and rugged all-steel construction, these durable machines have the power to even shred large paper clips, heavy-duty staples and Acco fasteners. Rather than letting stacks of papers pile up in your office, why not employ the use of an industrial strength shredder to eliminate those papers so they’re ready to be recycled? Do you need a conveyor fed cross-cut shredder with extra large feed tables? Action Compaction can meet your needs. With a 71 decibel sound level, this quiet machine has low voltage, key-locked controls ensuring safe and authorized operation. The precision ground A-2 tool steel cutters feature a positive saw-tooth grip that can even handle shredding things like credit cards, compact discs and corrugated boxes. If you work in a pharmacy, Action Compaction offers RX shredders, too. Able to destroy plastic containers– pill bottles– these unique machines will ease your HIPAA compliance worries. Get more information about Action Compaction’s shredders here:]]>