Common Issues You May Experience with Industrial Compactors

two large garbage compactors standing on a hospital site

Trash compactors have a tough job to do, and they usually function just fine. That said, industrial trash compactors do have some common “issues” you might encounter. What are some of those issues?

Industrial Trash Compactor Issues You Might Encounter

Well, for starters, what if the compactor won’t start? Sometimes you just have to check the circuit breaker or power source to get it started. There could be a potential problem with the drive motor or directional valve. Maybe a switch or button has gone bad. If you try and try to get the thing started and it won’t, then you might need to call a professional compactor repairer.

What if the cycle won’t stop? If this happens, you might have a problem with your start switch, PLC, pressure switch or the directional valve. If, after 10 cycles or so, the problem is still happening, you should call a repairer.

Ever hear strange sounds coming from your industrial compactor? If so, debris might be stuck somewhere inside in an awkward place. Ever smell strange smells coming from the compactor? Unplug the unit and give it a cleaning, especially on top of/behind the ram. You could also lube its grease fittings.

Sometimes you might have to deal with a stuck access panel that doesn’t want to open– debris could be stuck on top of/behind the compaction plate and/or there could be a mechanical problem. If you can move debris out of the way of the ram, do so. You might also need to add some lubrication.

When the ram doesn’t move, you should check your hydraulic hoses and/or have a professional repairer check it.

Finally, if your industrial compactor just turns off mid-cycle, that’s a common issue. Usually, you need to make sure the loading door is fully closed and/or make sure the hydraulic hoses are attached as intended.

If you’re worried about how well your industrial compactor is working, consider working with a waste management consultant.