Compactors & Balers: New vs Used

Compactors: New vs UsedThere’s always been then the age old argument in our society that something new is always better than something old. This philosophy is true in some aspects but couldn’t be more false in others. Yes buying a brand new car fresh off the dealer’s lot is not only a great, satisfying feeling but once those wheels officially hit the asphalt of the road; it depreciates in value almost 15 percent. Over five years items like a car can even depreciate in value as much as 60 percent. That’s not always the same with all items that are purchased but it is something to think about when you are buying or selling recycling equipment.

Buying New or Used Compactors & Balers

If you are interested in purchasing a compactor or baler for your company, it makes all the sense in the world to buy one new. New equipment has updated functions, options and safety features which can prove to be vital to your business and you know that it will work immediately after it is installed. That’s the guarantee that some used compactors can’t offer. If the total cost of new equipment is putting a strain on your budget, think about leasing the equipment. Leasing can make it much easier to fit the new equipment into your budget and can sometimes have some tax advantages as well. Typically when you lease your equipment you will own it after a period of time, usually in 3-5 years. Leasing can also allow you to get options added to the equipment that may make the equipment more efficient and easier to use while only slightly increasing your monthly lease payment.Compactors: New vs Used To combat that stigma of buying used, think about the advantages. Finding a trustworthy business that is a used equipment reseller is most important. After you have established that the reseller is credible, you can then search through their inventory for a used compactor or baler that has seen some use but is still in solid working condition. Ask the reseller if they are willing to go through the equipment to make sure everything is working properly. They may even offer some type of warranty. By doing this you could find good equipment that will suit your needs at a lower price than the premium new equipment. If your budget is limited this is another way to save money and work towards buying a newer one down the road, even possibly reselling the used equipment you bought. If you are in the market for a (New or Used) compactor or baler for your company, talk to the experts at Action Compaction Equipment. To find out what equipment is best for your business, contact Action Compaction today!   [msh_feedburner]  ]]>