Cutting Back on Electronic Waste

Cutting Back on Electronic WasteWhen most people think about recycling, they instantly think of newspapers and soda bottles. Sure, those things are perfect for recycling and getting the most out of our already stretched resources, but what about consumer electronics? A major concern about recycling electronics, specifically smartphones, is that they contain personal information. Making sure that those items are wiped before handing them over to someone else is very important. However, there is a new challenge being put to consumers concerning this very issue: the Smartphone Encore Challenge. This contest of consideration calls for people to find suitable ways to re-purpose smartphones or their components, but it also needs to be innovative and (here’s the hard one) profitable.

The FactsCutting Back on Electronic Waste

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, only 11% of discarded cell phones (out of 135 million) annually are actually recycled. That’s a staggering number! This challenge hopes to get creative people thinking in new ways to help this congesting recycling issue that our nation faces today. Consumers didn’t have to think about things like this thirty years ago. Technology has progressed so rapidly that it’s now a growing problem. Recycling isn’t just about reducing the amount of natural resources that we rely on; it’s developed into a revolution that touches all manner of consumerism.


This challenge is forcing people to think in a unique way about a relatively new concern for the current generation of consumers. But what if we could take this even one step further? The creative minds here at Action Compaction Equipment know more about the recycling industry than most in the industry, and we’re ready to advise you on what steps you can take toward reducing your amount of electronic waste. Contact us today!   [msh_feedburner]  ]]>