Do You Pay Too Much for Waste Management Services?

Large green garbage container at local waste sorting station.

Do you pay too much for  commercial waste management services? Perhaps it has been quite some time since you last re-negotiated your waste disposal services contract. Maybe your costs keep rising.

Waste Management Costs

So what are the costs involved in waste management? There can be fees for containers, charges for collection, transfer/hauling fees, landfill fees, etc. Also, depending on where your business is located there may not be a lot of competition so you’re kind of stuck with what’s available. Typically, many waste service contracts auto-renew and/or they charge for early termination. They may also charge for extra trips when you have a need for more pickups than usual. All of these things can mean your business is paying more money than it wants to, and this is especially true, too, if you pay by volume rather than pickup.

Waste Management Contracts

Review your waste service contract. Look at the fees and such. Check recent invoices and see if they match up with what’s on the contract (or not). Are you paying more than the base contract rate? If so, why? Consider hiring a professional waste consultant to perform a review of your current contract(s) to see if there are ways to not only reduce waste but also lower your costs. For instance, you might invest in compaction equipment which can greatly reduce the volume of your waste, leading to less frequent pickups.

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