Factors That Increase Odor Aromas at Waste Facilities

The smells that surround the average waste facility are, naturally, not very pleasant. However, some waste facilities have odors that smell even stronger than “normal.” This can happen for a variety of reasons. Check out some factors that increase odor strengths at waste facilities below.

The type of waste being kept at a waste facility

What kind of waste is being kept at a waste facility? The answer to that question will ultimately determine what kind of smells will be coming out of it. If you’re taking in a lot of sludge waste, for example, you’re going to have stronger odors than if you’re taking in other types of waste. That kind of waste can contain a lot of moisture and have a much higher level of sulfur in it than you would find in other waste.

The amount of waste at a waste facility

If a waste facility only takes in small amounts of daily waste, they usually won’t have much trouble covering the waste up and eliminating the odors that often accompany it. However, if a facility takes in a large amount of waste daily, they aren’t going to be able to cover it up as quickly and stop the odors associated with it from spreading. The time it takes to unload waste and cover it can also play a role in the odors that are present in the air, regardless of how much waste a facility brings in.

The weather conditions surrounding a waste facility

The various weather conditions in a waste facility can also play a big role in the increase of odor strengths. Wind speed, precipitation, and humidity can all make odors more prominent. Additionally, weather conditions can keep odors close to the ground or blow them around to neighboring areas and make them smell bad. Do you want to cut down on the strong odors that surround the waste in your waste facility? Action Compaction Equipment can set you up with a state-of-the-art mega fog system that can neutralize smells and eliminate your odor problem. Call us at 801-565-1033 to learn more about how a system like this works.]]>