Here’s How Balers and Compactors Can Help a Commercial Property

Two-Ram, Auto Tie Baler in an industrial setting Okay, so you own or manage a commercial property and you want to recycle some materials and/or manage your waste efficiently. What can you do? You might want to invest in a baler or a compactor. Aren’t they the same thing? While they’re similar, they’re not one in the same. So what should you know about these two pieces of equipment and how they could help your property?

Balers and Compactors Are Important Tools for Businesses

Balers and compactors are tools which help businesses and properties deal with their waste in a smart way. Balers are used for “baling” (bundling) recyclable material together. Basically, they take waste like cardboard, paper, plastics and/or metal and closely press them together in a bound or wrapped way so they don’t take up much space and they’re easy to transport away from the scene to be recycled. Oftentimes, companies will sell baled materials to a recycling company in order to make money! Compactors, on the other hand, are used to compress a large amount of unsorted/mixed waste into a container. These containers are then picked up/collected from a site by a collector and then delivered to a landfill. Compactors help reduce the volume of trash thanks to compaction. This, in turn, reduces the frequency of collections needed, thereby reducing costs.

So, when do you need a baler versus a compactor? If you plan to recycle recyclable materials (like paper, plastics, etc.) then get a baler for recycling purposes. If you have waste of all sorts that should ultimately end up in a landfill, get a compactor.

Do you need some help with your choice(s)? Action Compaction Equipment of Salt Lake City, Utah, can help you figure out what kind of equipment would benefit you the most. Whether it’s balers or compactors or both, Action Compaction Equipment knows all about effective waste management. Please call 801-565-1033 for more information.