Here’s What a Waste Compactor Will Do For Your Business

Trash CompactorDo you own a business? Then you probably have garbage. Some of it can be recycled and some of it is waste. Have you considered adding a waste compactor to your business? This machinery can minimize, in size, your waste by compacting it. 

How a Compactor Helps

A compactor pushes items together into something more compact. It takes, for instance, a whole bunch of cardboard boxes and instead of them taking up the size of a small house, they can be compacted down into piles that are the size of luggage pieces. By reducing the literal size of your waste, you actually can save money. You reduce the cost of removing company waste. The company that normally comes to pick up your waste daily or weekly can, instead, come less frequently, thus saving you money. 

A waste compactor also ends up saving your business literal space. It can be placed inside or outside of your building and not take up too much room. Furthermore, by feeding waste into it, you eliminate piles of items around it, thus saving space in and around your building for other uses. Today’s modern compactors can also hide the smell of waste, so that’s a nice bonus. 

Does your company want to be environmentally-friendly? If so, owning and using a waste compactor helps your company to be seen as just that– in your industry as well as in your community. In a world where people are concerned about global warming and pollution, a waste compactor shows that your company cares about the environment and has taken steps to cut down on waste that inevitably hurts the planet. 

In Salt Lake City, Action Compaction Equipment sells waste compactors including stationary ones, self-contained ones, pre-crushers, vertical ones and more. There are several configurations available. For more info, see this page. Call Action Compaction Equipment with questions at 801-565-1033.

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