How the Right Recycling Program Can Help Industrial Businesses

Blue Recycling Waste Dumpster Do you have a recycling program at your industrial business? How’s it going? Is there room for improvement?


Someone in your organization should spearhead the waste management plan such that your business has goals for the recycling process. What materials can be recycled? Where do these materials get taken? How do they get processed? These are some basic questions worth considering if you want to improve your recycling program. 

Form a Team

Ideally, form a “green team,” so that the responsibility of the recycling program doesn’t fall all on one person’s shoulders at your business. This team should be made of leaders who can look at current processes and come up with ways to streamline those processes. They can also be the “go-to” people when workers or others have questions about your company’s approach to recycling. 

Conduct a Waste Audit

The green team can conduct a waste audit. Measuring the types and quantities of waste helps figure out what’s currently happening with trash and recycling at a business. Perhaps it’s time to set-up dedicated collection areas around the business to make it easier for employees to recycle. For instance, collect plastic bottles near the kitchen area or paper near copy machines. Use signage to indicate what kind of materials go in particular collection bins. 


What about e-waste? There should be a separate collection place for electronic items that need to be recycled since they contain toxic materials such as mercury. 

Inform Employees 

Finally, educate the people who work in the building about recycling processes so they know what’s going on. New employees need to be told how the company handles recycling, and current employees may need a refresher. Better yet, offer incentives to people who excel at recycling. 

Waste Management Specialists

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