How to Keep Industrial Balers in Tiptop Shape

Blue industrial baler on a commercial worksite

If you work in a place which has an industrial baler, how do you maintain it?

Use the Right Operators

Ideally, industrial balers need to be run by properly trained operators. Someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing could really mess things up! Oftentimes, baling equipment suppliers will offer training on-site or at their facilities so operators know exactly what to do with the machine so it’ll operate well… and safely.

Follow the Manufacturer’s Guidelines

It’s a good idea to reference the manufacturer’s checklist to see what the original equipment manufacturer recommends to do monthly, quarterly and yearly. Obviously, it makes sense to inspect balers regularly to make sure things are running as intended. It’s better to catch a little problem and fix it rather than ignore the machine and then have to deal with a major problem. When inspecting the baler, check to make sure there are no oil or hydraulic fluid leaks. Look over the structure and frame of the baler, too, to make sure there are no issues with the baler’s shear blade clearance. Check guards and safety switches as well.

Keep it Free of Debris

Keep the area around the baler clean if you want to maintain it over the years. If there’s debris around the baler, get rid of it. As for inside the baler, take some time to clean debris from there, too, and check the rams, sensors and oil cooler. The cleaner you keep the machine and the area around it, the longer it’ll last. Also, remember that oil matters– check the machine’s oil every 1,200 operating hours. If there’s water or metal fragments in the oil, there could be a problem. You may need to use mobile filtering equipment that is brought directly to the baler– or it’s time to change the oil. Typically, change the baler’s oil every 950 hours.

Work on Normal Wear and Tear

What about wear and tear? You may need to replace your liners. They should last between 5,000 and 7,000 hours.

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