How Trash Chutes Can Benefit Your Business

Loaded dumpster with clean trash chute

Imagine that you’re a construction worker and you’re up on a high floor of a skyscraper being built and you have trash to throw out. What do you do? Do you just throw it into the air and let it float or fall down to the ground where it will inevitably make a mess, and still have to be picked up and removed? Nope! You use a trash chute. The same goes for residents who live in towering buildings– they use trash chutes to send their trash down several levels so they don’t have to physically haul their trash bags into the elevator and make the trip down with their bags.

What Industrial Trash Chutes Can Do For Your Business

Trash chutes are sloping channels or slides for conveying trash to a lower level. Things like Burger King wrappers (from an eaten lunch) or broken furniture pieces can be put into the chute and end up at ground level. Chutes help make for a safer workspace or living space. They save time and make it convenient to get rid of trash. They also help make the environment cleaner, since trash is kept contained and moved quickly, too, without “getting everywhere and creating a mess.”

Trash chutes are usually made from metals or plastics. For instance, many trash chutes are aluminum because it’s a lightweight material that offers corrosion resistance. Other trash chutes are made of steel.

With trash chutes, expect things like self-closing, positive latching, bottom-hinged doors, along with options like sound insulation and/or cylinder locks (to prevent unauthorized use). Chutes also have ventilation, and some include sprinklers. There are even disinfecting and sanitizing units available.

Action Compaction Equipment Can Help Your Business Find the Right Trash Chute!

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