How Your Business Can Improve its Waste Management Process

How much waste does your business generate on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis? It seems like a simple question, but many companies are unaware of how much waste they’re creating. By figuring out how much waste your company generates, you could find ways to improve your waste management processes. Here are a few examples of you can accomplish this goal.

Separate the waste your business creates.

If your business hasn’t gotten into the habit of separating waste and recycling, it’s time to change that. Rather than simply throwing all waste into one receptacle, you should have receptacles for different types of waste. You can still throw some of it out, but some of it can also be recycled. Additionally, you might have some waste that can be reused or re-purposed in some other way.

Ask your suppliers to cut down on the packaging materials they use.

Are some of your suppliers using way too many packaging materials to package up items they send to you? You should speak with them about cutting down on the materials they’re using so that you don’t have to deal with throwing it away. Your suppliers could potentially be costing you quite a bit of money by using excessive materials.

Encourage your employees to be more mindful about what they throw out.

You should talk to your employees and ask them to reduce the amount of waste they’re creating. You should even consider appointing someone to be your official waste management coordinator. That person can figure out ways to reduce waste and push for everyone within your company to make a concerted effort to eliminate some of the waste that’s being created regularly. Action Compaction Equipment understands waste management and can help you get a better grip on it. We offer products that will make it simpler for you and your employees to manage waste and cut down on it. Call us at 801-565-1033 to find out how we can assist you.  ]]>