On-Site Trash Balers Are Difference Makers for Businesses in Various Industries

PTR 5000HD Vertical Baler

Do you own a business? Or do you work at a business? Either way, you know that businesses are always looking for ways to save money. One way to save money is to invest in trash balers, which end up helping businesses in many ways.

Cost Effective Options

When you’re thinking about waste management, one of the cost-effective ways to get rid of a lot of waste in a smart, clean, safe and effective way is to use balers. By baling stuff, you don’t need such large storage areas. And you know space is at a premium, right? Balers are used to compress items and force them into compact bales which are easy to handle, transport and/or store.

Less Pickups

Balers mean you don’t need as many trash pickups per week as before, so you’ll cut down transport movements, which, in turn, saves time and money. Balers can help reduce waste costs while also saving time because there’s no need to flat pack boxes. Furthermore, less waste is sent to the landfill– instead it can be recycled. This helps save the environment. It reduces water and air pollution. Balers also help reduce health and fire risks at your business.

Fits for All Industries

Balers can be vertical, horizontal, etc. They can bale things like cardboard, plastic packaging pieces, office paper/shredded paper, newspapers, textiles, plastic bottles or containers, production waste and more.

It’s not unusual for businesses to bale and then sell waste materials. Meanwhile, producing consistent sized bales helps streamline the material handling process and baled waste is easier for recycling services to collect.

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