Precautions to Take When Using a Sonozaire Odor Neutralizer

You don’t want your workplace to stink! Action Compaction Equipment sells odor control units that break down odor molecules rather than just masking odors. 

Industrial Odor Control Units


Action Compaction Equipment offers odor control units which absorb odorous compounds in the air and helps them biodegrade. This is an all-natural way of eliminating odors, without the use of any perfume. Units have adjustable output levels. 

Do you have a commercial waste compactor and/or trash bins at your property? Why not invest in a mini mist vaporizer system from Action Compaction Equipment? It will get rid of odor problems. This particular system is designed to neutralize odor in trash compactors, multi-story garbage chutes, public restrooms, air handling systems, and building ventilation systems. 

Action Compaction Equipment also sells the Sonozaire Odor Neutralizer. This very popular piece of equipment produces ozone electronically from oxygen in the air. It oxidizes odor molecules and reduces them, controlling and destroying organic odor! When ozone is introduced into an area, it begins to react with airborne odors, converting them into simple and stable compounds of carbon dioxide, water and oxygen. In other words, it gets rid of stinky air naturally and efficiently. Ozone is safely and commonly used to control odors from garbage or waste compactors for industrial applications. Did you know that ozone is also used to remove odors from all sorts of places, including schools, restaurant kitchens, pet kennels, hotels, gyms, etc.?

Do you have stinky trash that especially bothers workers and/or neighbors? Consider the Sonozaire Odor Neutralizer from Action Compaction Equipment. Models are available in different sizes and have adjustable output levels. Keep in mind that ozone is hard-plumbed to the compactor, which needs to be enclosed to comply with OSHA and EPA limits. This can be a safe solution to a stinky problem. 

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