Recycle More Efficiently By Choosing Action Compaction Equipment

Recycling Balers Located in Salt Lake City, OC Tanner is a global company that helps other companies build good relationships with their employees through recognition awards. Business is booming, and with that comes more work to be done at their Utah complex.

OC Tanner used to use a vertical baler to bale their endless supply of cardboard. That set-up used a lot of man hours to get the job done. However, they’re very excited to be having a ribbon-cutting ceremony on their new “Dual Chute Conveyor Fed Compactor System.”

OC Tanner connected with the people at Action Compaction Equipment of Midvale, Utah, to figure out how they could save time, money and effort with a new system to recycle cardboard. The dual-chute system will “pay for the entire system in less than a year and a half and we’re excited to get it started,” according to a Lean Improvement Team Foreman from OC Tanner.

When a company has a large quantity and volume of material to process per hour, conveyor-fed compactors work better than balers. The more streamlined system helps increase efficiency and productivity.

Recycling is a vital part of many companies’ operations today. Action Compaction Equipment helps companies come up with better solutions to their waste and recycling needs. Besides compactors and balers, the company also sells sorting systems, chutes, shredders and other products.
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