Recycling News: Ethical 3D Printing Filament

Recyclebot that takes plastic trash, such as gallon milk jugs, and cuts them down with industrial and office shredders into filament for 3D printers with much less energy than it takes for commercial recycling.Recycling News: Ethical 3D Printing Filament If you’re a commercial business looking to save money with, recycling, 3D printing and energy cost, one option that can get the ball rolling in that direction would be to purchase an industrial or office shredder. Action Compaction sells these types of shredders that can help your business get started. Check out our site for more information on our shredders or any of our wide assortments of recycling products. Email or call (801) 565-1033 today! (Source: MTU.EDU)   [msh_feedburner]    ]]>