Recycling News: Ethical 3D Printing Filament

With 3D printing becoming the future in recycling, not only because it is cheaper for manufacturers and it is better for the environment, scientists have been coming up with newer ways to increase the ways it can be useful. Dr. Joshua M. Pearce is a part of the Pearce Research Group at the Michigan Technological University, who is looking to not only clean up the world but also help create jobs in economically challenged parts of the world.

The newest project is aimed at helping people in poverty who are employed as “waste pickers” that collect trash from landfills. These people are struggling to make a living collecting trash to sell, but with the new filament being created by Pearce’s group, they can find a new avenue to make money.
The 3D printing filament can be created from a collection of waste plastic. Conventional 3d filament is already being sold for $35 – 50 a kilogram. The ethical 3D filament could be sold for the lesser amount and costs less to make, giving the “waste pickers” a solid living wage.

Pearce’s group has already created a Recyclebot that takes plastic trash, such as gallon milk jugs, and cuts them down with industrial and office shredders into filament for 3D printers with much less energy than it takes for commercial recycling.Recycling News: Ethical 3D Printing Filament

If you’re a commercial business looking to save money with, recycling, 3D printing and energy cost, one option that can get the ball rolling in that direction would be to purchase an industrial or office shredder.
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(Source: MTU.EDU)