Refuse Trucks – Front, Side and Rear Loaders

Refuse Trucks – Front, Side and Rear LoadersRefuse trucks, garbage trucks, or if you are using old English the dustbin lorry, are trucks that are specifically designed to drive around and collect recycled materials or solid waste, which could be from commercial or residential, urban consumers. The collected waste is then brought to a solid waste treatment facility such as a recycling center, compost, incinerator or landfill. There are three types of these trucks; front loader, side loader and rear loader.
The refuse truck didn’t become popular until the 1970s when technology had caught up with the process and it was more efficient.

Refuse Truck Loading Descriptions

Here is a quick overview of the types of loaders that can be used as refuse trucks. Each one has its own use, and can be tailored for your specific needs.

  • Side Loaders – These trucks accept the solid waste or recycled materials from the side, either manually or with the assistance of a robotic arm with an attached claw. An automated side loader only needs one person to operate while the manual counterpart might need two to three. Due to the one person advantage, ASL’s have become more popular.Refuse Trucks – Front, Side and Rear Loaders
  • Rear Loaders – Rear loader trucks have the waste collector in the back so the worker can empty the contents of the waste bins or throw trash bags into. There are even lifting mechanisms that can be used to heavier bins or containers so that the operator doesn’t have to life it by hand.
  • Front Loaders – The front loader truck is more generally used for collecting trash and waste from commercial and industrial businesses, using dumpsters that are grabbed from the front and then lifted over the truck and emptied in the vehicle’s hopper. Like the ASL, the front loader truck might only need one person to operate.

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