Tips for Keeping Industrial Dumpsters Pest Free

Blue industrial dumpster that might have a pest issue in it

Does your industrial dumpster have any old food or drink(s) in it? If so, you might have a pest problem. Just like humans, most pests need food and water (or other liquids) to live, so they’re always on the lookout for a free meal– and free drinks are a bonus. Your dumpster might be their Club Med!

Do you want animals in your dumpsters? No way! And bugs? Ideally they stay out of your dumpster, right? How can you keep industrial dumpsters pest free?

If you want to get rid of squirrels, rats, mice, ants, roaches, etc., then you want to pay attention to your dumpsters rather than just ignoring them. Just like an unwatched house can be robbed, an unwatched dumpster is just inviting trouble.

Location, Location, Location

First, keep your dumpster far away from your place of business– ideally at least 50 feet away, but 100 feet away is even better. Dumpsters should be far from your doors and windows, okay?

Lids Closed!

Next, keep the lids on. Too many people carelessly leave the dumpster doors/lids open, and that’s an open invite to pests! And if your door or lid is broken or bent, get it repaired or replaced because small pests can totally fit under bent lids and/or get inside through cracks, holes, etc.

Routine Maintenance

Does food and/or liquids/water end up in there? If so, have the company that empties your dumpsters come often so that those things get taken away quickly rather than stay in there for days or weeks at a time. Furthermore, clean your dumpsters regularly– this will help get rid of residual pieces of food and/or “inviting” smells.

Act Quick

If you have persistent problems, you might need to call a pest control service. They might need to spray an area to deter pests and/or physically remove an animal that wants to take up residence in your dumpster.

Regardless of industry, if you need help selecting the right dumpster for your business, learn how Action Compaction Equipment can help.