What Do You Really Know About Trash Compactors?

one green and one blue trash compactor in the courtyard of a commercial property What do you know about trash compactors? If you’re like most people– not much. That’s okay. Now’s a good time to learn some interesting facts about them via this article.

Trash Reduction

For starters, if you had six bags of trash in your home and wanted to compact all of that trash into one smaller, compacted package that weighs about 30 pounds, that’s where a trash compactor would come in handy. Trash compactors do an amazing job of taking large amounts of trash and making them compacted into smaller amounts, and this ultimately saves people money on waste disposal while not taking up as much space in landfills.

Recycling Aspect

Trash compactors can be used for recycling purposes. While you probably wouldn’t put glass into them, you could put things like plastics in your compactor and compact “recyclables” which can then be sold to companies that will reuse them.

Maintenance, Safety and Location

Are compactors dirty like dumpsters? Not typically. Modern compactors can be easily wiped down and/or cleaned if needed, and some even have features in place to control smells so they don’t stink.

What about safety? Modern compactors only turn on and compact when they’re completely closed, and/or they require a key to work– this helps prevent children from getting injured if/when they’re curious around the machine(s).

Today’s trash compactors generally don’t take up a lot of space. They’re easy to install. And they’re not as loud as ones from a previous generation.

Depending on your preferences and needs, trash compactors come in different styles.

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