What Is A Sorting System?

What Is A Sorting System?Whether you are in the municipal solid waste, recycling or construction and demolition business, sorting systems are a productive and efficient way to sort items like waste and recycled materials, all the way to packages and merchandise. The sorting system has many parts that make up the whole. The different parts are able to do their jobs quickly, thus saving ample amounts of time.
A sorting system is built to accommodate your needs, able to remove any materials that should not be recycled. So if your business needs to recycle plastic materials, the system can determine the types of materials that are being recycled. The sorters are then able to sift the products according to what material they are.

What Goes Into Making a Sorting System Work

As previously stated, there are many working parts that make up a sorting system. Here’s a brief layout of the machines that might be involved in your business’s sorting system.

  • Conveyors
  • Sorting Screens
  • Pick Lines
  • Additions
  • Complete Lines
  • C&D Systems
  • Transfer Stations
  • Balers

The staff at Action Compaction Equipment is very knowledgeable about sorting systems, and has the latest equipment for you to purchase. Action Compaction can do the design and layout, integration of automation and screens, and conveyor systems and balers as dictated by your project conditions.What Is A Sorting System?
Whether you process 15 or 500 tons of material per day, Action Compaction can design a system for you, and install it. For more information about sorting systems, new or used balers or compactors, contact the experts at Action Compaction Equipment today!