What is a Waste Audit Checklist?

Businessman looking at a waste audit checklist at commercial facility

How’s your waste? Have you thought about it lately? Is anyone paying attention to efficiency? Waste management systems are usually put in place by businesses and organizations in order to figure out how to best dispose of waste. Systems also tackle the task of preventing waste, as well as how to reduce overall waste and/or reuse waste if possible.

The Benefits of a Waste Audit Checklist

Have you heard of a waste audit checklist? It can help you analyze the movement of waste from its generation to its disposal. Waste audits can include examining records/data, walking through facilities to take notes/photos of what happens there daily, and sorting waste to get a better idea of what’s being handled. Better yet, during an audit, why not use a digital waste audit checklist? Actually you can use the checklist before, during and after the audit. The checklist contains planning, sorting and “next steps” information to help create an effective waste audit process. The checklist will have a team of workers inspecting sorting equipment as well as coming up with corrective action plans/solutions. When using a checklist, one can have a better perspective regarding what’s being done well and what needs improvement.

How Action Compaction Equipment Can Help

In the Salt Lake City Intermount West region, from Las Vegas to Western Wyoming, Action Compaction Equipment sells used and new equipment, like recycling balers, industrial trash compactors and chutes. In addition, Action Compaction Equipment also offers waste management planning services to help detail the type(s) and amount of waste at a facility as well as what can be done to cut down or eliminate bad odors there.

Want to talk to someone about a waste audit checklist, waste management planning and/or recycling so that you can ultimately improve your business or organization while making it more efficient and helping it save money? Please call Action Compaction Equipment today at 801-565-1033 or email jeff@actioncompaction.com. Action Compaction Equipment is located at 5415 W. 700 S. in Salt Lake City, Utah.