What is a Waste Broker?

In Salt Lake City, Utah, and the surrounding communities there are plenty of people and businesses. And you know what comes with that? Plenty of trash.

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Who takes care of your trash and/or recycling? Does one of your employees take the time to call various local waste collection companies and deal with them regarding trash pick-up?  Why not hire a waste broker instead? 

Did you know Action Compaction Equipment can help your business find the most cost-effective and efficient trash solutions? We can be your Salt Lake City waste broker. 

In Depth Knowledge

A good waste broker knows all about trash and recycling. They know about things like metal, plastic, cardboard, paper, etc. They have industry knowledge and connections. And they’re going to find you bargains for your trash solutions. With professionalism and flexibility, your waste broker becomes a trusted, single point of contact for your trash and recycling needs. Offering the lowest market rates, a waste broker helps take away some of the headaches you’d otherwise experience when searching for the right company to work with, and/or dealing with issues regarding trash pick-up and more.

Logistical Connections

Are you tired of dealing with overfilled dumpsters? Do you have no clue where to send your stuff for recycling? Action Compaction Equipment can serve as your Salt Lake City waste broker. Our company handles things like recycling consulting, waste management planning and more. Our workers know all about trash and recycling equipment. We know how to compact stuff, as well as sorting, baling and brokering. You might as well stop throwing your money away and partner with Action Compaction Equipment today… Call 801-565-1033 for more information, email jeff@actioncompaction.com or use the contact form, here.