What is Considered Medical Waste?

Medical Waste If you operate a medical facility, it’s extremely important for you to make sure that you dispose of all of your medical waste properly. Medical waste can transmit infections and help spread diseases if you do not take the time to throw it using the proper receptacles. It’s why you should make sure that you have these receptacles located outside of your facility and why you should take the time to educate yourself on what medical waste actually is. It can prevent you from accidentally throwing medical waste into the wrong receptacle.

The Definition of Medical Waste

According to the Healthcare Environmental Resource Center, medical waste, which is also commonly referred to as biohazardous waste or infectious medical waste, is anything waste that contains blood, body fluids, or other materials that could be infected with diseases. This includes items that have blood and body fluids on them in addition to items that have come into contact with those two things while being used. For example, used syringes are medical waste and must be disposed of properly or else they could spread disease if they find their way into the regular trash bin. Action Compaction Equipment understands just how important it is for companies to have specific receptacles outside of their facilities designated for medical waste. All medical waste should be placed into these receptacles and held there until they can be picked up and safely taken away. We carry a wide range of industrial medical waste sterilizers and can provide you with the one that will work best for your specific needs. The type of medical waste that your facility generates and the amount of waste that you need to store in a sterilizer will both determine which one you should use. Do you need help picking the right industrial medical waste sterilizer? Check out what we have in stock and call Action Compaction Equipment at 801-565-1033 today for more information on specific models.