What Will an Industrial Trash Compactor Do For My Business?

Industrial Trash Compactors

As business owners ourselves, we understand the importance of saving money in every area of our business. When it comes to the trash created at your industrial site, there is a simple alternative to traditional trash collection that can save you both time and money: industrial trash compactors.

 An industrial trash compactor can do wonders for trash management on a variety of industrial worksites that include manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, food production sites and more. We understand that every industrial site has its own needs, but here are a few reasons to consider switching to an industrial trash compactor.

Save on industrial trash removal services

When you choose an industrial trash compactor for your industrial property, you will also be saving big on trash removal costs. Instead of having a waste management team constantly coming to your site to remove the trash, an industrial trash compactor will give you more time in between trash collections, saving you a large amount of money in the long run.

 Make industrial trash disposal more efficient

A great reason for choosing an industrial trash compactor is to create a more efficient way of storing your site’s trash. These compactors will condense the trash that is accumulated at your site into smaller cubes, allowing for more trash to be stored in a single container. This is extremely beneficial as it can create a single, easy to find trash receptacle at your site, making the large amount of trash containers currently on your site a thing of the past.

Provide a safe, clean work environment

With an industrial trash compactor, you will also prevent your trash receptacle from overflowing. You no longer have to worry about your container getting overfilled, with potentially unsafe garbage being piled around the outside of the receptacle until pickup day. The industrial trash compactor will compact materials as they enter the receptacle, creating more space for a longer period of time.

When you are ready to make the switch to an to save big at your industrial site, we ask that you think of our experienced and knowledgeable team at Action Compaction Equipment. All of our compactors meet the required safety standards from ANSI and OSHA. We have years of experience assisting with the setup of industrial trash compactors for businesses across Salt Lake City, UT and will be honored to setup a stationary, self-contained, pre-crusher, compaction or vertical compactor at your site soon. Call Action Compaction Equipment today at 801-565-1033 to get started!