When Does it Make Sense to Purchase a Compactor or a Baler?

BalerAre you dealing with waste in a way that effectively saves time and money? Ask yourself this: “Do I have to have my dumpster picked up several times a week?” If the answer is “yes” then you should consider using a compactor or baler.

Compactors take a bunch of unsorted, mixed trash and “compact it” so it takes up a lot less space. If you have a lot of waste, consider a conveyor-fed compactor.

Balers are often used for sorted recyclable waste, like paper, cardboard or plastics. Hand-fed balers are often used for smaller sizes and volumes.
If you currently have trash being picked up four times a week, a compactor can reduce that pick-up to just one time a week. Furthermore, baling items into pallet sized squares is a smart way to sell (and send) them to companies who will pay for materials like used plastics, which can be re-used for other products. Companies are expected to be “green” these days, and balers help them smartly reach recycling goals.
Compactors and balers also improve sanitation efforts by keeping trash securely confined. Have you ever seen overstuffed dumpsters with all sorts of loose trash blowing around? That’s not a very appealing sight (or smell) for customers of restaurants, hotels or other businesses.

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