Why Action Compaction Equipment Is Proud to Be a GSA Approved Vendor

Salt Lake City’s Action Compaction Equipment is a GSA-approved vendor. What exactly does GSA-approved mean? 

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What Does GSA Approved Mean?

If you see “GSA-approved,” it means a company is allowed to sell products or services to the U.S. government through the General Services Administration (GSA). Did you know that the GSA heads all purchasing operations with the government? They have contracts and/or schedules in place in order to procure the items or services they need to function. GSA approval is a non-industry specific status for businesses or organizations that make products or provide services that the U.S. government needs and/or uses. 

Can Any Business Become GSA Approved?

Is it easy to become GSA-approved? No– it requires time, focus and paperwork. It also requires that a company or organization has a proven track record in their industry. The government typically wants to see that it has been in business for at least two years and is profitable. Those who want to become GSA-approved have to complete several steps, sharing their financial logs, statements of work and past performance records with government officials who check to see if they’re worthy of approval. 

The Benefits of Being GSA Approved

Why would a company or organization want to be GSA-approved? Well, selling to the government is a good deal– they’re a reliable and reputable buyer. 

Action Compaction Equipment is GSA-approved and supplies the government with several products such as industrial trash compactors, industrial balers, industrial shredders, and odor control systems. Action Compaction has been in business for more than three decades and offers a variety of specialized waste and recycling equipment. Our company serves medical centers, federal prisons, national parks and many others. We offer affordable equipment and services for businesses both large and small, as well as for governmental purposes thanks to our GSA approval. 

Do you want more info about our waste and recycling equipment? Please call Action Compaction Equipment at 801-565-1033.