Why Every Business Using A Compactor Needs a Pre-Crusher

Why Every Business Using A Compactor Needs a Pre-CrusherAs we all know, the main challenge to compacting material is the sheer volume, meaning the first goal of compacting should be to downsize that mass to the smallest size possible. Of course, this can be done in many ways — most of which involve some sort of heavy-duty, industrial compaction — in addition to pulling out what can and should be recycled. But for now, let’s table those larger compactors; we don’t need them just yet. No, believe us: the first place you should really be looking is the pre-crusher.
In effect, the pre-crusher does exactly what it says: it reduces the size of the materials before an even larger compaction. It prepares your trash for what comes next, and, by and large, prevents the later compaction from working ineffectively or stalling, which wastes everyone’s time. In other words: the pre-crusher, in itself, is a safety precaution, making it a must-have for anyone looking to compact.
Now, the pre-crusher is best used when dealing with the hardest materials: heavy shipping crates, barrels, and bulky items. These items are the pet peeves of all compactors: bulky beyond belief and capable of stopping any compaction, simply due to how big they are. First and foremost, having a pre-crusher helps to easily do away with these materials instead of having to deal with the hassle later on. And that, as any person who deals with compaction knows, is a blessing.
In order to work properly, pre-crushers require a receiver container so after the pre-crusher crushes the material, the compactor’s ram can push it into the container. Along with the pre-crusher itself, these containers meet all safety standards, which is extremely important when dealing with machines as large and powerful as compactors. But, as we said, using a pre-crusher is the safe way of doing things, and that, we wholeheartedly endorse.
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