A Guide to Finding the Right Waste Sorting System for Your Business

Industrial Waste Sorting System

Does your business currently use a waste sorting system? If not, it should! It helps the environment and offers other benefits. Your business produces different types of waste– and this waste can be separated such that materials that can be recycled get recycled rather than ending up in landfills. Automated waste sorting systems are available from companies like Action Compaction Equipment of Salt Lake City, Utah. Items that are typically sorted include cardboard, plastic, glass and/or compost.

How Sorting Systems Work

Meanwhile, Sorting systems might use air, screens or magnets to separate materials. Shredders might be incorporated into sorting systems in order to make largers items smaller, which then makes them easier to store or transport. Sorted waste can be compressed into high-density bales so they don’t take up a lot of space and then they can easily be shipped to centers where they’ll be used to make new products.

If you plan to look into buying a waste sorting system for your business, first take stock of the volume and type of waste you produce. Measure your categories as best you can to get an idea of what you’d be sorting out and what the “big” ones are, such as, “We use a lot of cardboard here.” Next, take into account how much material you currently throw out that could instead be recycled, thereby helping the environment.

Thirdly, realize that by sorting waste you’ll then have less non-recyclable waste so you’ll end up paying less to have it removed weekly. You can also sell your waste material to manufacturers who’ll use your “throwaways” as raw materials to make new products, so you could be profiting from your waste!

Not sure what you might need for a waste sorting system for your business? Action Compaction Equipment can help you find the kind of system that ends up benefiting your company; Please call 801-565-1033 for more information.