Glass Recycling for Your Business

Glass Recycling for Your BusinessGlass is very important in the world of recycling. In the United States alone, glass can be recycled infinitely and most of the glass products we use in everyday life has about 27 percent recycled glass in it. This is important because not only is the use of new resources that is needed to create new glass down, but that less energy and materials is needed to produce glass. But recycling glass isn’t just as easy as you would think.
One thing that has to be understood in the glass recycling process is that any foreign material or substance can contaminate the entire glass recycling load. So that means your operation of recycling glass operation has to be clean and efficient or else that could cost you money down the road, especially since recycling has the satisfaction of return investments.

To be recycled glass is broken down into smaller pieces, crushed, sorted then cleaned so it can be mixed in with raw materials and made into new glass items.Glass Recycling for Your Business

Sorting, separating, and facilitating glass into proper glass receptacles is the first step in making sure you aren’t contaminating your recycling. You want to make items such as food waste, stone, dirt, ceramics, mirrors, window glass, metals, and light bulbs are all free and clear of the glass you want to recycle or else it will be contaminated.

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