The Importance of a Clean Commercial Trash Chute

Loaded dumpster with clean trash chute Do you have a trash chute where you work? Has it ever been cleaned? Trash chutes can certainly get dirty over time, with dirt, grease and more building up in the chute. Then there’s the trash room– that can get dirty, too. Wouldn’t it be good to clean your chute and have a deodorizing agent sprayed to help get rid of stinky smells? Trash usually stinks, but it doesn’t have to if you’re using the right deodorant.

Don’t Forget the Trash Chutes

Most building managers forget about trash chutes. That said, trash chutes play a vital role in many buildings and it’s best to keep them clean if you want to reduce your maintenance, repair and replacement costs over the long term. By having your chutes professionally cleaned, you’re lowering your risk of leakages, fire, etc. Cleaning can get rid of obstructions and buildup of “gunk” in there. Meanwhile, a good cleaning helps improve the air quality not only around the chute doors but in the trash room as well. If you’ve had bad odors emanating from either place, isn’t it time to get rid of that stink? And, if you’ve got compactors, expect more efficiency thanks to chute cleaning.

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