Tips for Businesses Managing Waste Disposal

At times, it can be astounding to see how much waste a business accumulates during a given day, week or month. As such, especially in today’s climate where companies look to reduce their carbon footprint, it’s essential for business owners and managers to look for ways to properly manage their company’s waste disposal and find solutions to reduce and optimize its flow. Here’s how you can go about doing so.

Work With a Waste Management Specialist

Commercial Waste Control

By working with a professional waste management specialist, he or she can audit your waste management practices and provide you with ideas and processes that will with help you properly manage your waste disposal while limiting your carbon footprint.

Cut Down on Tree Products

It’s amazing to see how quickly a roll of paper towels goes during an average workday. As such, one way to cut down on expenses and the waste your business accumulates is to find replacements for paper products. For example, this could mean replacing the paper towel dispenser in the bathrooms with hand dryers, or set new guidelines to ensure people are only printing absolutely necessary items and not wasting paper and ink.

Communicate With Employees And Ask For Help Finding Solutions

If you make employees feel like part of the solution, they’ll likely be more willing to buy in to your efforts to manage waste disposal. Perhaps you could incentivize using “real” coffee cups and mugs, rather than relying on Styrofoam. Alternatively, you could make it a priority to bring dishware for the break room, rather than relying on plastic silverware and plates. Either way, finding ways to cut out reliance on things you throw out after only a single use will help you better manage your waste disposal.

Whether you’re looking for commercial waste management expertise or need to find the right dumpster or baler for your company, the experts at Action Compaction Equipment are here to help. For more information, contact us today.