Glass Recycling for Your Business

Glass Recycling for Your BusinessGlass is very important in the world of recycling. In the United States alone, glass can be recycled infinitely and most of the glass products we use in everyday life has about 27 percent recycled glass in it. This is important because not only is the use of new resources that is needed to create new glass down, but that less energy and materials is needed to produce glass. But recycling glass isn’t just as easy as you would think.

One thing that has to be understood in the glass recycling process is that any foreign material or substance can contaminate the entire glass recycling load. So that means your operation of recycling glass operation has to be clean and efficient or else that could cost you money down the road, especially since recycling has the satisfaction of return investments.

To be recycled glass is broken down into smaller pieces, crushed, sorted then cleaned so it can be mixed in with raw materials and made into new glass items.Glass Recycling for Your Business

Sorting, separating, and facilitating glass into proper glass receptacles is the first step in making sure you aren’t contaminating your recycling. You want to make items such as food waste, stone, dirt, ceramics, mirrors, window glass, metals, and light bulbs are all free and clear of the glass you want to recycle or else it will be contaminated.

If you are looking for sorting systems, Action Compaction can accommodate your business needs. Contact Action Compaction for a consult on what you can do to help make your business money while recycling your used materials.


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Proper Cardboard Recycling

With your business, it’s smart to decide how to recycle the waste products you accumulate on a daily work day. Garbage isn’t always just garbage and there is ways to recoup money from recycling resources correctly. Especially in the advances of technology, recycling is, cleaner, more efficient and you have more options.

So let’s focus on just one aspect of recycling that can help make your business run smoothly. In America, almost 45 million tons of paper is recycled annually. That’s about 334 pounds of paper recycled by every person in the United States. Let’s break that down further, and focus on just cardboard.Proper Cardboard Recycling

Cardboard is used in many facets of any business, whether it be used to distribute goods in and out of your company or used as a way to facilitate storage. And cardboard is made up of recycled materials and lumber industry by-products. When using cardboard sometimes you have to break it down once you’ve unpacked or the boxes become to worn to use anymore and needs to be recycled.
What are your options?

If you are to recycle your cardboard, the most common way is to convert the cardboard into a bale. Bales are then picked up by a paper company, and then re-pulped, rolled and pressed into rolls of paper for other paper products.

So essentially you need a baler for your company. Action Compaction can assist in this need. We have a full assortment of Balers that can complement and be tailored to fit your business’s needs. Recycling can not only help make your company Green, but also get money for resources back into the company coffers.

Contact Action Compaction today and get to recycling your cardboard the smart way.


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Recycling News: Ethical 3D Printing Filament

With 3D printing becoming the future in recycling, not only because it is cheaper for manufacturers and it is better for the environment, scientists have been coming up with newer ways to increase the ways it can be useful. Dr. Joshua M. Pearce is a part of the Pearce Research Group at the Michigan Technological University, who is looking to not only clean up the world but also help create jobs in economically challenged parts of the world.

The newest project is aimed at helping people in poverty who are employed as “waste pickers” that collect trash from landfills. These people are struggling to make a living collecting trash to sell, but with the new filament being created by Pearce’s group, they can find a new avenue to make money.

The 3D printing filament can be created from a collection of waste plastic. Conventional 3d filament is already being sold for $35 – 50 a kilogram. The ethical 3D filament could be sold for the lesser amount and costs less to make, giving the “waste pickers” a solid living wage.

Pearce’s group has already created a Recyclebot that takes plastic trash, such as gallon milk jugs, and cuts them down with industrial and office shredders into filament for 3D printers with much less energy than it takes for commercial recycling.Recycling News: Ethical 3D Printing Filament

If you’re a commercial business looking to save money with, recycling, 3D printing and energy cost, one option that can get the ball rolling in that direction would be to purchase an industrial or office shredder.

Action Compaction sells these types of shredders that can help your business get started. Check out our site for more information on our shredders or any of our wide assortments of recycling products. Email or call (801) 565-1033 today!

(Source: MTU.EDU)


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Odor Neutralizers for Your Company

In the commercial waste industry, smells that might make the strongest man queasy are common place. These odors are pungent, and can in some cases cause reactions to the not so average industrial waste operator. Some odors are very hazardous to the health of the workers that might have to be employed in the area.

Regardless as an employer or site manager, you have to create the right “atmosphere” in order to have happy workers. And the options can be costly, but safety is a number one priority for your workers right?

Odor Neutralizers for Your CompanyAcquire the best fitting odor neutralizer for your dirtiest of jobs. Odor control can be found in even the worst of smelling situations and can be applied in a countless of work area applications. Even waste water sewage, rank smelling landfills, composting facilities, and farm manure smells have little chance of taking over your business if you are prepared with the correct odor controlling device.

Odor neutralizers are industrial ozone generators, which take what is in the air and break down the odors electronically, generating the molecules back into ozone odor free. These machines are easy to install, need minimal maintenance and cleaning, and in most cases can operate unattended. Odor neutralizers can start making your work spaces odor free, and less of a hassle in no time.

Action Compaction sells these eco-friendly machines that will accommodate any of your various industrial odor control needs. Check out the products that we offer, or if you are in the Midvale area give us a call at 801-565-1003.

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Recycle More Efficiently By Choosing Action Compaction Equipment

Recycling Balers Located in Salt Lake City, OC Tanner is a global company that helps other companies build good relationships with their employees through recognition awards. Business is booming, and with that comes more work to be done at their Utah complex.

OC Tanner used to use a vertical baler to bale their endless supply of cardboard. That set-up used a lot of man hours to get the job done. However, they’re very excited to be having a ribbon-cutting ceremony on their new “Dual Chute Conveyor Fed Compactor System.”

OC Tanner connected with the people at Action Compaction Equipment of Midvale, Utah, to figure out how they could save time, money and effort with a new system to recycle cardboard. The dual-chute system will “pay for the entire system in less than a year and a half and we’re excited to get it started,” according to a Lean Improvement Team Foreman from OC Tanner.

When a company has a large quantity and volume of material to process per hour, conveyor-fed compactors work better than balers. The more streamlined system helps increase efficiency and productivity.

Recycling is a vital part of many companies’ operations today. Action Compaction Equipment helps companies come up with better solutions to their waste and recycling needs. Besides compactors and balers, the company also sells sorting systems, chutes, shredders and other products.

Call Action Compaction Equipment today at 801-565-1033 to find out how your business can save time and money with the best compactor or baler option to get the recycling job done.

When Does it Make Sense to Purchase a Compactor or a Baler?

BalerAre you dealing with waste in a way that effectively saves time and money? Ask yourself this: “Do I have to have my dumpster picked up several times a week?” If the answer is “yes” then you should consider using a compactor or baler.

Compactors take a bunch of unsorted, mixed trash and “compact it” so it takes up a lot less space. If you have a lot of waste, consider a conveyor-fed compactor.

Balers are often used for sorted recyclable waste, like paper, cardboard or plastics. Hand-fed balers are often used for smaller sizes and volumes.

If you currently have trash being picked up four times a week, a compactor can reduce that pick-up to just one time a week. Furthermore, baling items into pallet sized squares is a smart way to sell (and send) them to companies who will pay for materials like used plastics, which can be re-used for other products. Companies are expected to be “green” these days, and balers help them smartly reach recycling goals.

Compactors and balers also improve sanitation efforts by keeping trash securely confined. Have you ever seen overstuffed dumpsters with all sorts of loose trash blowing around? That’s not a very appealing sight (or smell) for customers of restaurants, hotels or other businesses.

Action Compaction Equipment of Midvale, Utah, offers a no charge evaluation and site survey for people and companies who want to see how compactors and/or balers can be a worthy investment. Call 801-565-1033 to set-up an appointment today.