Questions to Ask Before Buying Used Recycling Equipment For Your Business

Used Recycling Equipment Would you like to obtain recycling equipment for your business without spending a fortune on it? One easy way to cut your costs is by going with used recycling equipment instead of brand new equipment. You could save yourself hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars by going this route. But before you purchase used recycling equipment, there are some questions you should ask about it. Take a look at 3 of the main questions to ask below.

 “Why are you selling your used recycling equipment?”

The first thing you should try to find out before buying used recycling equipment is why the seller wants to get rid of it. If they’re selling it because their company is going out of business or because they don’t use the equipment much anymore, you probably don’t have anything to worry about. However, if they’re selling it because they don’t like the way the equipment works, it should obviously be a huge red flag for you. Try to get to the bottom of why they’re getting rid of the equipment in the first place.

“What did you do to maintain your used recycling equipment over time?”

In addition to asking a seller why they’re selling their used recycling equipment, you should also ask what kind of maintenance they’ve done on it over the years. Ideally, you want to purchase recycling equipment that has been maintained properly. This will ensure that you’re able to get plenty of life out of it.

“Can you help transport the used recycling equipment to my facility and set it up?”

Recycling equipment is usually big and bulky and not all that easy to transport from one place to another. If you don’t have a way to transport it on your own, you should see what the seller can arrange for you. Your seller should be capable of bringing the used recycling equipment to you and setting it up in the spot where you want it.

At Action Compaction Equipment, we carry a wide range of used recycling equipment. We can tell you more about it and show you why it would be a great alternative to buying brand new recycling equipment. Call us at 801-565-1033 today to see what we have in stock at the moment.


The Advantages of Compacting Trash

Industrial Trash Compactors Does your company utilize industrial trash compactors as part of your waste management process? If not, you’re likely spending more money than you should on getting rid of waste. Trash compactors can cut your waste down to size and limit the number of times you need to dispose of it. It can also help you do away with garbage bags. Both of these things will trim your waste management costs. What’s more, that’s only one of the benefits of using trash compactors. Check out several other benefits below.

Makes your business look nicer

If you constantly have trash bins and dumpsters overflowing throughout your company’s facility, your business isn’t going to look very nice. It’ll make a bad impression on your clients and diminish the morale of your employees. With trash compactors, this won’t ever be a problem. They’ll work to compress your waste and keep it out of sight.

Improves your company’s efficiency

When you put trash compactors into place, you and your employees will spend a lot less time overall worrying about waste management. You won’t have to use up valuable time emptying garbage bins or change the garbage bags in them all the time. This will allow you to focus all your efforts on the rest of your operations.

Increases the safety in your facility

Regular garbage bins and dumpsters can pose safety risks if you’re not careful. When they overflow, they can send waste and liquids spilling out onto the floor. This could lead to slips and fall injuries and potentially even the death of one of your employees. You’ll minimize the safety risks associated with waste management with trash compactors.

There are companies in all kinds of different industries that can benefit from industrial trash compactors. If you believe your company would be better off with a trash compactor, call Action Compaction Equipment at 801-565-1033 today for more information on the trash compactors we have for sale.

The Benefits of Using Industrial Waste Sorting Systems

Industrial Waste Sorting Systems If your industrial facility produces a great deal waste on a regular basis, you know how difficult it can be to sort through it all before disposing of it properly. It might even present such a big challenge that you’re not able to dispose of your waste the way you should. An industrial waste sorting system can help your facility manage waste more effectively. Here are just a few of the benefits of utilizing one.

The system neatly separates of the different types of waste your facility produces.

A high-quality industrial waste sorting system will be able to take just about any waste your facility produces and separate it. This includes everything from plastic, paper, and metal to batteries, stones, and organic materials. Separating your waste in this way will help you determine what is recyclable and what is not.

The system helps your facility be more environmentally friendly. 

If you don’t use an industrial waste sorting system in your facility, there’s a good chance that a lot of recyclable materials are making their way to local landfills. This is obviously very bad for the environment and could even lead to toxic chemicals spilling and damaging waterways and soil. By sorting out your waste, you can do a much better job of disposing of it.

Cuts down on the amount of time your employees must spend dealing with waste

There are some industrial facilities that attempt to manually sort their waste. This isn’t impossible to do, but it can force your employees to tackle a task that can easily be automated. Rather than relying on your employees to sort through waste, leave the job to an industrial waste sorting system instead.

Would you like to learn more about installing an industrial waste sorting system in your facility? Call Action Compaction Equipment at 801-565-1033 today to check out some of the options we have in stock.


Waste Management Tips for Factories

Waste Management Plans for Factories How much waste is your factory creating on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis? If you don’t know the answers to that question, you’re probably not managing your waste as effectively as you could and should be. Factories generate quite a bit of waste each day, and if you aren’t managing the waste properly, it could be costing you money. Here are some tips that you can use to manage waste at a factory more efficiently.

Figure out if there is waste created by your factory that could be recycled.

Are you mixing plastics, metals, and other recyclables in with the rest of the waste that your factory generates? Those items should be recycled rather than thrown out with ordinary waste. If you leave them with waste, you’re doing a huge disservice to the environment. You’re also likely spending more on waste management every year than you should.

Come up with a system for recycling waste.

If you determine that you are, in fact, mixing recyclable items in with your regular trash, come up with a better system for sorting recyclable items from regular waste. Pinpoint where most of the recyclables are coming from and find a way to prevent it from getting mixed in with your other waste. Establish a recycling program and let your employees know that you’re making a push to manage waste differently moving forward.

Invest in waste management products that will help you deal with waste better.

There are a whole host of waste management products you can use to deal with the waste generated by your factory better. From industrial trash compactors and industrial balers to industrial waste sorting systems and industrial shredders, these products can make a big difference in your facility. They’ll allow your employees to know where to put waste as it works its way through your system.

Action Compaction Equipment can provide your factory with industrial waste and recycling equipment. We can also talk to you about how a recycling program will benefit your factory in a big way. Call us at 801-565-1033 today to discover what we can do to assist you with your waste management plans.


The Increasing Demand for Industrial Shredders

Industrial Shredders Waste management has become a priority for businesses in a wide range of industries. Notably, many companies have started using industrial shredders to get rid of their waste more effectively. There are many reasons for the growing demand for industrial shredders. Here are some of the benefits companies are enjoying by putting industrial shredders to good use.

Industrial shredders reduce the overall size of most waste.

One reason countless companies are using industrial shredders is because they allow businesses to limit the waste they’re creating. By shredding waste, these companies can reduce the size of their waste and break it down into smaller parts. This reduces the amount of money they must spend to do waste management as a whole.

They make it easier for companies to recycle waste.

Recycling is something that just about all companies, both big and small, are doing these days. But the problem with recycling paper, plastic, and other materials is that these materials can take up a lot of space and make recycling more of a hassle than it should be. Industrial shredders lighten the load for companies by shredding paper, plastic, scrap metal, wood, and more. These materials are easier to manage and recycle when they’re shredded down.

They protect sensitive information located on certain types of waste.

Companies that deal with sensitive information have come to embrace industrial shredders because of the safeguarding they can provide. Shredders can take thousands of documents with sensitive information on them and shred them down so that the information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Shredders can also destroy hard drives and other pieces of electronic equipment that could contain private information on them.

Do you want to find out how industrial shredders could help your company? Action Compaction Equipment carries industrial shredders in many sizes. Call us at 801-565-1033 to learn about the shredders we have in stock.

Factors That Increase Odor Aromas at Waste Facilities

Odor Control Systems The smells that surround the average waste facility are, naturally, not very pleasant. However, some waste facilities have odors that smell even stronger than “normal.” This can happen for a variety of reasons. Check out some factors that increase odor strengths at waste facilities below.

The type of waste being kept at a waste facility

What kind of waste is being kept at a waste facility? The answer to that question will ultimately determine what kind of smells will be coming out of it. If you’re taking in a lot of sludge waste, for example, you’re going to have stronger odors than if you’re taking in other types of waste. That kind of waste can contain a lot of moisture and have a much higher level of sulfur in it than you would find in other waste.

The amount of waste at a waste facility

If a waste facility only takes in small amounts of daily waste, they usually won’t have much trouble covering the waste up and eliminating the odors that often accompany it. However, if a facility takes in a large amount of waste daily, they aren’t going to be able to cover it up as quickly and stop the odors associated with it from spreading. The time it takes to unload waste and cover it can also play a role in the odors that are present in the air, regardless of how much waste a facility brings in.

The weather conditions surrounding a waste facility

The various weather conditions in a waste facility can also play a big role in the increase of odor strengths. Wind speed, precipitation, and humidity can all make odors more prominent. Additionally, weather conditions can keep odors close to the ground or blow them around to neighboring areas and make them smell bad.

Do you want to cut down on the strong odors that surround the waste in your waste facility? Action Compaction Equipment can set you up with a state-of-the-art mega fog system that can neutralize smells and eliminate your odor problem. Call us at 801-565-1033 to learn more about how a system like this works.

How Your Business Can Improve its Waste Management Process

Waste Management TipsHow much waste does your business generate on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis? It seems like a simple question, but many companies are unaware of how much waste they’re creating. By figuring out how much waste your company generates, you could find ways to improve your waste management processes. Here are a few examples of you can accomplish this goal.

Separate the waste your business creates.

If your business hasn’t gotten into the habit of separating waste and recycling, it’s time to change that. Rather than simply throwing all waste into one receptacle, you should have receptacles for different types of waste. You can still throw some of it out, but some of it can also be recycled. Additionally, you might have some waste that can be reused or re-purposed in some other way.

Ask your suppliers to cut down on the packaging materials they use.

Are some of your suppliers using way too many packaging materials to package up items they send to you? You should speak with them about cutting down on the materials they’re using so that you don’t have to deal with throwing it away. Your suppliers could potentially be costing you quite a bit of money by using excessive materials.

Encourage your employees to be more mindful about what they throw out.

You should talk to your employees and ask them to reduce the amount of waste they’re creating. You should even consider appointing someone to be your official waste management coordinator. That person can figure out ways to reduce waste and push for everyone within your company to make a concerted effort to eliminate some of the waste that’s being created regularly.

Action Compaction Equipment understands waste management and can help you get a better grip on it. We offer products that will make it simpler for you and your employees to manage waste and cut down on it. Call us at 801-565-1033 to find out how we can assist you.


Waste Management Tips: How Restaurants Can Reduce Waste

Restaurants and Waste Management If you own a restaurant, then you’re probably well aware of the fact that a bunch of waste is create on a daily basis. So what can you do to reduce the waste in your establishment?

Order products that aren’t packaged in too much extra material.

Do you find that some of the products you order come packaged with a bunch of extra material? You should either ask the distributor of the products to stop using so much packaging or find new products that don’t include as much packaging. You’ll see a big drop-off in the amount of waste you create when you take this approach.

Purchase items like plates, cups, and silverware that can be reused.

There are many restaurants that use paper plates, paper cups, plastic forks and knives, and other items that need to be discarded when customers are done using them. Instead of utilizing these items, you should use plates, cups, and silverware that can be washed and reused. You’ll need to hire someone to wash all of them, but it’ll save you a lot of money over the long run.

Prepare more of your food to order instead of making it ahead of time.

When you make food ahead of time and heat it up when someone orders it, you can cut the prep time associated with cooking. However, what happens when you have pre-made food that people don’t end up ordering? It usually goes to waste. You can avoid this scenario by making more of your food to order. It’ll require your customers to wait a little longer for their food, but it’ll make a big difference in how much waste you create.

In addition to taking steps to cut down on the amount of waste you make, you should also get rid of your waste properly. Action Compaction Equipment can set you up with the products you’ll need to remove waste from your restaurant. Contact us at 801-565-1033 to obtain our products.

How Hydraulic Cylinders Can Help Your Business

Hydraulic Cylinders Many industries can benefit from utilizing hydraulic cylinders on a routine basis. Hydraulic cylinders are actuation devices that rely on pressurized hydraulic fluid in order to produce linear force and motion. You will find them in everything from manufacturing machinery to construction equipment. Take a closer look at some of the benefits of using hydraulic cylinders below.

They can provide plenty of power to machines.

The main benefit of using a hydraulic cylinder is that it’s capable of providing all of the power you will need out of a machine even when it’s not positioned near a power source. Hydraulic cylinders don’t necessarily need to be right next to a diesel engine or electric motor in order to do their jobs. They will set you up with the power you’re looking for regardless of whether they’re near the main power generation source or not.

They can demonstrate an impressive and efficient power-to-size ratio.

When you look at a hydraulic cylinder, it probably won’t look like it should provide all of the power that it does. Hydraulic cylinders aren’t necessarily large. However, the power-to-size ratios of hydraulic cylinders is efficient. You can also usually enjoy variable speed control with them and other features like automatic overload protection.

They can be used in almost any conditions.

Do you need to complete a job in the dead of winter or the height of summer? It won’t make any difference to your hydraulic cylinders. These cylinders are designed to hold up well in just about any condition you throw at them.

Action Compaction Equipment has used a wide range of hydraulic cylinders while working in the waste equipment industry for more than three decades now. After seeing so many hydraulic cylinders fail due to factors like poor design, we decided to create our own cylinders. They’re durable and reliable and won’t ever let you down. Call us at 801-565-1033 to order hydraulic cylinders.


A Beginner’s Guide to Trash Compactors

Trash Compactors Do you want to reduce the amount of waste your company creates and cut down on the space that your waste takes up inside of your business? You can do it with an industrial trash compactor designed to compact your waste and minimize it. Here are some of the things you need to know about using trash compactors used in a commercial or industrial setting.

An Overview of Trash Compactors

From the outside, most trash compactors look a lot like large dumpsters. However, in reality, they are much more useful than dumpsters and will help you handle your waste more efficiently. Trash compactors are capable of taking large amounts of garbage and crushing them down into smaller pieces through the use of a metal ram. These pieces can then be taken and placed into trash compactor bags that can be picked up by your preferred waste management company. By compacting waste, you can cut down on the labor costs associated with dealing with it and confine it to a smaller space.

How They Work

One of the best parts about having a trash compactor in your business is that they’re easy to use. All you need to do is throw your waste into the compactors like normal. Larger pieces of garbage should stay in the center of the compactors, if possible. Then, once your compactors are about half filled, you can turn them on and let them get to work. They will use their metal rams to crush everything inside the compactors before breaking them down into tinier pieces.

What You Can Place Into Them

There are all kinds of items that you can place into an industrial trash compactor. From scrap metal to cardboard to plastic, a trash compactor can handle almost anything. You should do your best to keep glass and anything containing chemicals out of compactors, and you should also consider keeping food waste out as well since it can create foul smells. But other than that, you can place most other items into a trash compactor and break them down.

If you’re interested in adding a trash compactor to your commercial or industrial company, Action Compaction Equipment can show you some of your options. Call us at 801-565-1033 today to check out the compactors we can provide for you.