A Beginner’s Guide to Trash Compactors

Trash Compactors Do you want to reduce the amount of waste your company creates and cut down on the space that your waste takes up inside of your business? You can do it with an industrial trash compactor designed to compact your waste and minimize it. Here are some of the things you need to know about using trash compactors used in a commercial or industrial setting.

An Overview of Trash Compactors

From the outside, most trash compactors look a lot like large dumpsters. However, in reality, they are much more useful than dumpsters and will help you handle your waste more efficiently. Trash compactors are capable of taking large amounts of garbage and crushing them down into smaller pieces through the use of a metal ram. These pieces can then be taken and placed into trash compactor bags that can be picked up by your preferred waste management company. By compacting waste, you can cut down on the labor costs associated with dealing with it and confine it to a smaller space.

How They Work

One of the best parts about having a trash compactor in your business is that they’re easy to use. All you need to do is throw your waste into the compactors like normal. Larger pieces of garbage should stay in the center of the compactors, if possible. Then, once your compactors are about half filled, you can turn them on and let them get to work. They will use their metal rams to crush everything inside the compactors before breaking them down into tinier pieces.

What You Can Place Into Them

There are all kinds of items that you can place into an industrial trash compactor. From scrap metal to cardboard to plastic, a trash compactor can handle almost anything. You should do your best to keep glass and anything containing chemicals out of compactors, and you should also consider keeping food waste out as well since it can create foul smells. But other than that, you can place most other items into a trash compactor and break them down.

If you’re interested in adding a trash compactor to your commercial or industrial company, Action Compaction Equipment can show you some of your options. Call us at 801-565-1033 today to check out the compactors we can provide for you.



Should My Business Have a Vertical or a Horizontal Baler?

Vertical vs. Horizontal Balers If your business creates a bunch of recyclable materials on a regular basis, you should think about investing in a baler. A baler is capable of taking materials, compacting them tightly, and making them easier to store and ship. When shopping for balers, you will have the option to purchase either a horizontal or vertical baler. Here are some factors to consider before picking one over the other.


Do you want a baler that won’t take up too much room in your facility? If so, you are probably going to want a vertical baler since it will take up less floor space than a horizontal one. There are some horizontal balers that can be up to 40 feet long, so you want to find where you’re going to put your baler first and take measurements. This will provide you with enough information to choose one that’s the right size.


Since vertical balers are usually smaller than horizontal balers are, they are much more affordable. You will obviously need to make a hefty investment into either type of baler, but if you don’t foresee yourself needing a heavy-duty baler that can handle large amounts of recyclable materials, then a vertical baler should do just fine. Be prepared to spend a little bit extra if a horizontal baler is what you want and need.


The amount of waste your business creates will ultimately be the most important factor in choosing the right baler. Those facilities that create more waste will usually want to go with a horizontal baler that can keep up with all of the materials it will need to process. The last thing you want to do is buy a baler that’s not fit to meet your needs, so calculate your total waste before you commit to a baler.

Do you need a hand picking out the perfect baler for your business? Action Compaction Equipment is here to help. We can show you balers and tell you more about your options. Contact us at 801-565-1033 today to start shopping for one.

Why a Recycling Program Should Be a Priority for Commercial Businesses

Recycling Program Does your company have a recycling program in place? If not, you could be missing a big opportunity. Outside of the fact that a recycling program will prove to be better for the environment than a waste management program that doesn’t include recycling, it could also help your company’s bottom line and your image as a whole. Here are some reasons you should start a recycling program as soon as possible:

It will make your company look more responsible.

When people are trying to decide whether to work with your company or buy products from you, they will consider more than just the services you provide or the products you have to offer. Many people will also take a good, long look at whether or not your company is responsible when it comes to the environment. This is a key issue for some people, and they might opt not to associate with you if you haven’t made a commitment to recycling and doing your part to promote a cleaner planet.

It will change the way your company thinks about producing waste.

If you put a recycling program into place, it will slowly change the way your employees think about producing waste as a whole. As of right now, they might be acting very carelessly when they throw things out. A recycling program will encourage them to find ways to reuse certain items, and that could prove to be very beneficial for you.

It will help protect the local environment.

Protecting the environment as a whole is important. However, by recycling, you will actually see an immediate impact on your local environment. The less waste your company creates, the less waste will end up in local landfills. By committing to recycling, you will improve the environment around your facility and see real results within just a few months.

Undoubtedly, many advantages come along with starting a recycling program. Action Compaction Equipment can help you do it by providing you with the equipment you’ll need to recycle effectively. Call us at 801-565-1033 today to speak with someone about the options we have for you.

The Versatility of Industrial Balers

Industrial Balers Do you own or operate an industrial facility? If so, then you should be using a baler on a regular basis to process the waste that you create. If you aren’t, you should look into obtaining one right away since industrial balers are effective when it comes to condensing waste and making it much easier to manage. Balers are machines that are capable of compressing waste into very tightly compact shapes called bales so that they can be stored and then transported to a waste facility. Let’s examine at some of the most common uses for industrial balers:


Many industrial facilities rely on cardboard for shipping and storage purposes. But it can be tricky to dispose of cardboard since individual boxes need to be broken down and then stored somewhere before being discarded. They come in all different shapes and sizes, which can make it challenging to manage them. A baler makes it much easier by breaking cardboard down and binding it together so that you can dispose of it properly without it taking up too much room.


There are many different types of metal that you might use within your industrial facility. Scrap metal, aluminum, and steel cans are just a few of the types you will find in the average facility. A baler can help you manage almost any metal. You can even use a baler to manage larger metal objects like radiators and old car parts.


Much like cardboard, newspaper can be tough to deal with in an industrial facility. Newspaper obviously doesn’t weigh very much, but it can take up a lot of room. By using a baler to take care of it, you can compact newspaper down and be done with it. You can also compact things like packaging foam and plastic wrap that can also take up more space than it seems they should.

If your industrial facility doesn’t have a baler in it, you should inquire about adding one now. Action Compaction Equipment can provide you with an excellent selection of industrial balers. Call us at 801-565-1033 today to see what we have in stock.

How Recycling Systems Help Reduce Pollution

Recycling Systems When you recycle the things that your company throws out rather than placing them into a regular trash receptacle, you are doing a great thing for the environment. Less waste equals less pollution in the long term, which is why you should make every effort to recycle as much as you can when it comes to creating a waste management plan for your business. Here is how having a recycling system in place can ultimately lead to less pollution.

Recycling cuts down on the amount of waste in landfills.

When you discard of something in a regular waste receptacle, it will eventually find its way to a landfill. If the item isn’t biodegradable, it will then sit in the landfill for many, many, many years to come. By recycling plastic, metal, cardboard, and more, you can help prevent pollution from building up in landfills.

Recycling prevents water from becoming polluted.

There are many landfills that contain toxic materials. While these materials might not do any harm right away, they will often find their way down into the groundwater eventually and cause it to become polluted and even unusable in many cases. When you recycle items containing toxic materials, this can be prevented. You will be reducing water pollution when you have a recycling plan for your company.

Recycling eliminates some of the pollution created during the production process.

It’s much easier for manufacturers to take recycled materials and use them to produce new materials than it is for them to produce new materials from scratch. There is also a lot more air pollution created when new materials are made from scratch rather than recycled materials.  So many companies prefer to use recycled materials because of how easy it is to produce products with them and because of how it’s better for the planet overall.

Is your company interested in making more of an effort to recycle? Action Compaction Equipment can help you do it by providing you with products that will make recycling much easier. Call us at 801-565-1033 to find out more about our product line.

Waste Management Goals For Businesses

Waste Management Goals If you run a business, one of the goals that you should have for your company is to reduce the amount of waste that you produce on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Regardless of what kind of business you run, there’s a good chance that you generate some waste—and that waste can always be reduced if you take the right steps to do it. The first thing you need to do is come up with a waste management plan. You should also create goals for your company. Here are some realistic goals to help you get started.

Figure out how much waste your business generates.

There are far too many businesses that don’t have the slightest clue how much waste they actually create. As a result, they are unable to cut down on it, because they haven’t yet quantified their waste. To solve this problem, you should make it a point to spend time studying your waste and how much of it you are actually creating. This will eventually allow you to scale back on it.

Find ways that you can cut back on that waste.

Once you know how much waste you are creating, you can go about cutting back on it. You might find that your company isn’t recycling enough waste. You also might find that your company is using packaging products or paper products that are unnecessarily big and bulky. You might be able to find ways to use less of these products moving forward, which will, in turn, cut down on waste. Whatever the case, you can find ways to cut back on waste if you try hard enough.

Train your employees how to dispose of waste properly.

Your employees are ultimately going to be the ones handling waste management. Help them do it more effectively by putting clear guidelines in place for them to follow. You should also obtain waste management products like compactors, balers, shredders, and more that will make disposing of waste simpler on those responsible for doing it.

Action Compaction Equipment can help you get your hands on the waste management products you need to hit your goals. Check out the products that we currently offer and call us at 801-565-1033 today if you have any questions.


What is Considered Medical Waste?

Medical Waste If you operate a medical facility, it’s extremely important for you to make sure that you dispose of all of your medical waste properly. Medical waste can transmit infections and help spread diseases if you do not take the time to throw it using the proper receptacles. It’s why you should make sure that you have these receptacles located outside of your facility and why you should take the time to educate yourself on what medical waste actually is. It can prevent you from accidentally throwing medical waste into the wrong receptacle.

The Definition of Medical Waste

According to the Healthcare Environmental Resource Center, medical waste, which is also commonly referred to as biohazardous waste or infectious medical waste, is anything waste that contains blood, body fluids, or other materials that could be infected with diseases. This includes items that have blood and body fluids on them in addition to items that have come into contact with those two things while being used. For example, used syringes are medical waste and must be disposed of properly or else they could spread disease if they find their way into the regular trash bin.

Action Compaction Equipment understands just how important it is for companies to have specific receptacles outside of their facilities designated for medical waste. All medical waste should be placed into these receptacles and held there until they can be picked up and safely taken away. We carry a wide range of industrial medical waste sterilizers and can provide you with the one that will work best for your specific needs. The type of medical waste that your facility generates and the amount of waste that you need to store in a sterilizer will both determine which one you should use.

Do you need help picking the right industrial medical waste sterilizer? Check out what we have in stock and call Action Compaction Equipment at 801-565-1033 today for more information on specific models.

The Advantages of Working With a Waste Management Consultant

Waste Management Consulting Waste management is not a very interesting topic for many business owners or managers. After all, unless your business is waste management, you are probably focused on your industry niche as you try to build your business. Still, waste management is an important issue that can affect your bottom line for better or worse. These are a few reasons to hire a waste management consultant.

Short-Term Projects

Your core business activities may need full-time employees, but many projects that come up may be short-term or one-time projects. These projects are often ideally suited to hiring a consultant. The expertise required to overhaul your waste management strategy, for example, may be needed for only a short period of time. Hiring an expert for a project that will last only weeks or months may not make sense.

Informed Decisions

A critical part of any business decision is having the right information. If waste management is not your expertise, you may not know the right questions to ask or how to gather the necessary information to make informed decisions. You also may not be aware of the various benefits or pitfalls of various strategies. An expert consultant can help gather the right information, and present the best options, to allow you to make informed decisions.

New Perspective

Sometimes it is difficult to look past the way your business is already doing things like waste management. A professional consultant has a broad range of experience and will be able to bring a new perspective to important issues.

Best Practices

Best practices has become something of a buzzword, but the concept behind it is that experience tends to show what works and what does not work. This applies to waste management just like many other things. An experienced waste management consultant will be familiar with the current best practices in the industry. This knowledge can save your business a lot of time and money.

Cut Expenses

A professional consultant may be able to save your business money. Identifying ways to reduce waste management costs will improve your bottom line. Consultants also save a business money because as an independent contractor you do not need to pay for employee benefits and payroll taxes.

Limited Resources

Chances are that your staff are already busy working on your core business. Tasking an employee who is not an expert in waste management with streamlining or optimizing the waste strategy is likely to stretch your already limited resources even further. Hiring a waste management consultant is a more efficient way to optimize your waste strategy while keeping full-time employees focused on the core business.

Action Compaction Equipment is a waste and recycling equipment specialist. In addition to offering a full line of waste management equipment, we also provide waste management and recycling consulting. Contact us today at 801-565-1033 to learn how we can help your business improve its waste management program.

How Do Trash Compactors Work?

Trash Compactors If you own or operate a commercial or industrial company that creates a lot of waste every day, you should do whatever you can to cut down on that waste. In some cases, you can find ways to recycle or reuse items that you are throwing out on a regular basis. In others, you can work with your employees to generate less waste overall. But you should also know that, even if you continue to create a lot of waste, you can still cut down on the number of waste management pick-ups that you need to have done every month by relying on a trash compactor. A trash compactor is an incredibly useful tool for commercial and industrial companies looking for practical ways to cut down on their waste.

All trash compactors work a little bit differently. In general, a trash compactor relies on a metal ram to crush all of the waste that you put into it down into smaller, tightly compacted pieces. When you use a regular dumpster to do away with waste, there is typically a lot of unused space within the dumpster, even when it appears to be completely filled. That’s because things like cardboard boxes that aren’t broken down and even trash bags that look full contain lots of air that take up room in the dumpster. With a trash compactor, you can push all of these items down and create more space in your compactor within a matter of just seconds. All you need to do is turn the trash compactor on and it will crush your trash and push it down to the bottom of the bin immediately.

When you use a trash compactor, you will need to be careful about what you put into it. There are some trash compactors that are equipped to handle bottles, cans, metals, and other recyclables, but you will need to load them into the compactor in specific ways. This will ensure that your trash compactor works properly, and it will ensure that all of your trash gets compacted in the most efficient way. You will find that you won’t need to have your trash compactor emptied as often as you would need to have a regular dumpster emptied, and you will also find that you will generate less waste and pay less for waste management when you opt to go with a trash compactor.

Does a trash compactor sound like something that would benefit your company? If so, Action Compaction Equipment carries trash compactors designed specifically for commercial and industrial settings. Check them out now or call us at 801-565-1033 today for more information on how our trash compactors can help you.

Tips for Reducing Waste At Your Company

Reducing Waste Does your company generate entirely too much waste? Unfortunately, there’s a good chance that you don’t even know the answer to that question. There are far too many companies out there that don’t audit the amount of waste that they generate on a daily basis, and as a result, they end up generating way more than they should. By simply keeping tabs on how much waste you’re generating and figuring out ways to eliminate some of it, you can reduce waste overall at your company. Here are some other ways you can do it.

Encourage employees to go paperless whenever possible.

Are your employees still printing out all of the important paperwork that they need? If so, ask why they’re doing it. Smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers have made it easier than ever to access whatever paperwork they need without printing it out. By simply cutting back on the amount of stuff that your company prints out, you can significantly cut down on the waste your company generates.

Ban water bottles from your business.

Most people try to drink as much water as they can these days, but that doesn’t mean they need to do it by drinking water bottles. If you haven’t already done this, you should consider installing water dispensers in your business and then providing your employees with reusable water canteens that they can use everyday. It will take an initial investment on your part, but it will save you a lot of money in waste management costs in the long run.

Cut down on the amount of packaging that you use.

If your business uses cardboard boxes, pallets, and other types of packaging on a regular basis, you should consider finding ways to eliminate some of the packaging. You should also figure out ways to reuse packaging. By using cardboard boxes more than once and fixing damaged pallets before putting them back into circulation, you can eliminate the need to throw these items away.

Action Compaction Equipment is a company that can help your business generate less waste. We can provide you with a wide range of products that will force you to rethink the way your company deals with waste. It could end up saving you thousands of dollars every year. Call us at 801-565-1033 today to place an order or to learn more about our innovative waste management product line.