Proper Cardboard Recycling

With your business, it’s smart to decide how to recycle the waste products you accumulate on a daily work day. Garbage isn’t always just garbage and there is ways to recoup money from recycling resources correctly. Especially in the advances of technology, recycling is, cleaner, more efficient and you have more options. So let’s focus… Read more »

Recycling News: Ethical 3D Printing Filament

With 3D printing becoming the future in recycling, not only because it is cheaper for manufacturers and it is better for the environment, scientists have been coming up with newer ways to increase the ways it can be useful. Dr. Joshua M. Pearce is a part of the Pearce Research Group at the Michigan Technological… Read more »

Odor Neutralizers for Your Company

In the commercial waste industry, smells that might make the strongest man queasy are common place. These odors are pungent, and can in some cases cause reactions to the not so average industrial waste operator. Some odors are very hazardous to the health of the workers that might have to be employed in the area…. Read more »

Recycle More Efficiently By Choosing Action Compaction Equipment

Located in Salt Lake City, OC Tanner is a global company that helps other companies build good relationships with their employees through recognition awards. Business is booming, and with that comes more work to be done at their Utah complex. OC Tanner used to use a vertical baler to bale their endless supply of cardboard…. Read more »

When Does it Make Sense to Purchase a Compactor or a Baler?

Are you dealing with waste in a way that effectively saves time and money? Ask yourself this: “Do I have to have my dumpster picked up several times a week?” If the answer is “yes” then you should consider using a compactor or baler. Compactors take a bunch of unsorted, mixed trash and “compact it”… Read more »